2024 Conference App: Download here.

Breast Feeding:
A Mamava lactation pod for nursing parents is available onsite in Cypress 2 Alcove.

Conference Attire:  Business or business casual attire is appropriate for most of the events at the WAI conference. The celebration dinner is business attire or military dress, and the tours are casual.

FAA Approval Letter

Student Sponsorship:  Each year there are college students who need financial help to attend the conference. Attendees can sponsor a student in attendee. More information here.

Photograph Release:  WAI representatives will take many digital photographs at numerous events throughout the conference. Through participation in WAI activities, all participants grant permission for their photos to appear in our website, any publication or display of the organization. Please contact our headquarters at 937-839-4647 or email waihq@wai.org if you have any questions.

International Members:  Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of requests and our limited staff and resources, WAI does not issue international letters of invitation.  We do apologize for any inconvenience to our members and potential attendees.  We are aware of instances where these letters are not required and encourage investigating other options available to you.

Want to attend the conference, but money is an issue? Perhaps your employer would finance the trip, but you're not sure how to sell them on the idea? Don't fret, we've put together a letter that will help you make your case. Click here.

Here are some pointers for the form and helping you get your employers help: Focus on what you will specifically bring back as a return on your employer's investment in you, offer to make a presentation to your co-workers upon return from the conference, or try to explain how attending this conference benefits you, your department, and your organization.

Want to add an event, tour, seminar or workshop to your registration? Find your registration e-mail and use the Attendee Service Center link along with your badge number to log in. Use the continue button at the bottom of the page to navigate to the page that has the item you want to add. Add the item and Continue until the payment page where you pay for the item.