Youth Education

Education is at the core of all Women in Aviation International (WAI) does. We know that to grow the aviation industry and increase the opportunities for women within the industry they must be trained and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. Most importantly, companies and organizations must be aware of the female talent that can support the expansion of the aviation/aerospace industry.

To ensure a steady pipeline of girls and young women, they must be informed and excited to pursue their aviation and aerospace dreams.  WAI accomplishes this by offering year-round programs and resources to help women connect with meaningful outreach opportunities to groups in their communities.

Girls, ages 8-18, are encouraged to explore career options, pursue further training or additional ratings, and apply for WAI scholarships. WAI's mission is to increase the number of women involved in all areas of avation and aerospace, and it starts with our youth education programs.

Our youth programs include Aviation for Girls app, AFG Engage E-Learning, AFG Connect News, Aviation for Girls magazine, and Girls in Aviation Day. Each program is designed to reach youth through technology and peer engagement. There are age-appropriate individual tracks, fun activities, hands-on demonstrations, peer group work, and role models to encourage and inspire our participants.

All these youth resources are made available through WAI's free Junior membership for interested individuals under age 18.

Check out our year-round Aviation for Girls resources!

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