WAI Mentor Connect

Be a WAI Mentor Get a WAI Mentor

Last summer, WAI adopted a new membership management system, and with that change, we set our sights on developing an all new WAI Mentor Connect program. Technology has changed so much since the last iteration of our Mentor Connect program, that we can offer a dramatically improved Mentor Connect now, and it’s never been easier to get involved!

WAI members can easily “opt-in” to join the new WAI Mentor Connect program to Be a Mentor, Get a Mentor, or both! Once we have gathered enough of both mentors and mentees (Summer 2023), we’ll ask everyone involved in the program to complete their Mentor Connect profile that will allow the program to suggest potential pairings!

The WAI Mentor Connect program will help mentor/mentee pairs set goals, establish milestones, setup meetings and keep track of their progress. We'll have a full library of materials to help the team be effective and to help them stay on track throughout their Mentor/Mentee partnership.

Take the first step now to “opt in”. It’s easy and fast, and will change your life!

If you've previously participated in the "old" WAI mentorship program, please do opt-in for this new Mentor Connect program - that way, we can be sure that all members, both the  Mentors and the Mentees, are current and wish to actively participate in the program.

And don’t let your WAI membership expire — the WAI Mentor Connect program is exclusively available to current WAI members!