Professional Development Seminars

Developing, Retaining and Supporting Women in the Workplace

Presented by Nicole Bennett of Boeing

Thursday, February 23rd 2023

8:30 to 10:30 AM

$30, preregistration required

Do you feel underappreciated? Are you struggling to find satisfaction in the workplace? Does your employer value your contribution? Women today are facing even more adversity and indifference in their careers. It’s hard to get up, commute to work and perform well if you are not getting what you need from your employer. Explore ways to help your employer reduce burn-out, increase satisfaction and construct value-added methods to grow in your career. If you’re in leadership, these tips can help your employees design a workload that gives them purpose, inspiration and the opportunity to use their [Strengths] every day.

LEAN 101 for Leaders – have fun, build an airplane as a team, and learn by doing 

Presented by Linda Hapgood of The Boeing Company

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

$30, preregistration required

Today we find ourselves in an industry beset by challenges – supply chain shortages, unhappy customers, and outdated processes and technology that needs to be transformed. In this class, learn the basic principles of LEAN – a systematic approach to problem solving and systems thinking which enables the identification of improvements that will change the way your team, business unit and company delivers value. This session puts our knowledge to action as teams tasked to find the best way to build a production system for an airplane. In a fast-paced, simulated environment, can your team deliver as the pressure increases?

Making More Minutes 

Presented by Tammy Jones of the DOT

Thursday, February 23rd 2023

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

$30, preregistration required

During this session- students and entry level professionals will learn strategies for managing their time while in school and while learning a new job. Through group coaching participants will learn a set of skills designed to plan their day and feeling complete although they may not have finished everything they set out to accomplish. They will learn the importance of setting boundaries and not feeling overwhelmed as a result of doing too much. The goal is to ensure they leave with a set of tools they can use to accomplish their goals.