Women in Aviation International Launches Innovative Mentor Connect Program

Posted By: Kelly Murphy 2023 Press Releases,

June 15, 2023 – Women in Aviation International (WAI) announces the launch of its groundbreaking Mentor Connect program exclusively for the use of the WAI membership. Designed to connect aspiring WAI members with seasoned aviation professionals, Mentor Connect aims to foster meaningful mentorship relationships that will empower and support women in achieving their aviation career goals across all segments of the aviation industry, including key operational areas, such as maintenance, engineering, flight deck professions, and more. 

Built on the Guider-AI platform, WAI’s Mentor Connect provides an innovative forum where women, regardless of their experience level, can connect with mentors who possess the knowledge and insights necessary to guide them through their aviation journey. The program makes connections across a wide range of aviation disciplines including pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and more. By pairing mentees and mentors who share similar professional interests, WAI’s Mentor Connect program expands the supportive community that nurtures growth and encourages success already found at WAI. 

Allison McKay, WAI CEO, emphasized the importance of mentoring in WAI’s mission. "Mentoring is a key part of the WAI experience because it plays a crucial role in developing the next generation of female leaders in aviation, across all aviation disciplines. By connecting experienced professionals with WAI members seeking growth, inspiration, and advice, we can bridge the gap and provide the guidance and support needed to overcome challenges and provide our members assistance as they climb to new heights in their careers," she said. 

The Mentor Connect program offers a wide range of benefits for both mentors and mentees. Mentees gain invaluable industry insights, guidance on career development, and access to a network of professionals who can offer advice and support. Mentors can share their knowledge, make a positive impact on the lives of other WAI members, and contribute to the diversification and advancement of the aviation industry. Engaged Mentor Connect users will also have access to an extensive learning library of materials to help them build lasting mentoring relationships and optimize the effectiveness of their mentorship journey.

As referenced by the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board Report, the availability of “navigational support” for women as they pursue their aviation career, can provide essential professional guidance, and plays a significant role in building and sustaining an inclusive culture in the aviation industry. WAI’s Mentor Connect program sets a new standard for driving cultural change in the aviation industry. The program supports the development and retention of diverse talent, will keep women in the aviation industry as they transverse professional and life challenges, and supports and encourages shared knowledge in all phases of a professional’s aviation journey, across all aviation professions.

The WAI Mentor Connect program will match mentors and mentees based on their areas of interest and experience, assist in setting goals for the mentor-mentee relationship, facilitate communication and encourage regular interactions between mentors and mentees to ensure a fruitful mentoring relationship. WAI members can join the Mentor Connect program here: https://www.wai.org/mentor-connect, “sign-in” to the Mentor Connect program, and completing their Mentor Connect profile.