GIAD Merchandise

www.wai-store.orgWAI chapters and corporate members will distribute GIAD 2022 merchandise kits at local events around the world. If you would prefer to receive your kit directly at your home (maximum of 3 free kits to the same mailing address), place your order online.

Order GIAD Merchandise

 The Girls in Aviation Day 2022 Kit includes:

  • Girls in Aviation Day Mandala Drawstring Backpack
  • Girls in Aviation Day Bandana
  • Girls Can Do Anything Glitter Tattoo
  • Girls in Aviation Day Remove Before Flight Embroidered Keychain
  • Girls in Aviation Day Mandala Decal
  • Sporty's Aviation Sectional Activity
  • Aviation for Girls Magazine

All packaged in a glamourous pink bubble mailer! We are offering up to 3 kits for FREE per household. Additional kits are available for $10 each.

The deadline for purchasing kits to be received by September 25, 2021 are the following:

July 22, 20212 - International or Domestic events before September 24, 2022.

August 5, 2022 - Domestic orders

Please note: These items should make it to you on time, barring any unforeseen supply chain and/or shipping delays. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

For our chapters and event hosts, you can order up to 50 FREE Girls in Aviation Day 2022 Merchandise Kits (includes the complete kit and all shipping costs). If you need more than 50 kits, please contact WAI at

To order your GIAD 2022 Merchandise Kits, enter the number of kits that you will need. Please note that all orders of over 50 kits will need to be approved by WAI, with kits scheduled to start shipping mid August.

Please contact with questions about merchandise.