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Look out for this bimonthly news broadcast for juniors, by WAI junior mem­bers! Aviation for Girls Connect News is WAI’s way of delivering youth content in a fresh and exciting way. AFG Connect News features shoutouts to celebrate junior members who have received STEM awards, completed discovery flights, written tests, solos, licenses, and other accomplishments.

Each newscast will showcase an aviation pioneer to emphasize our rich history, WAI stats and events, general aviation and aerospace news, career role models to inspire you, and more. The best part is, we want junior members to help deliver our news! 


April 2023 AFG Connect News


Junior members can share their accomplishments to WAI to be featured in our bi-monthly news broadcast.

Accomplishments we celebrate on AFG Connect News:

  • Discovery Flights
  • Written Tests
  • Solo Flights
  • A&P Training
  • STEM Awards
  • Licenses, Ratings, and Certificates

Are you interested in being an AFG Connect News anchor? Have you completed an aviation or aerospace milestone? Email

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