Why Join WAI?


WAI members seek to inspire and stand
for encouragement, continued education, and a
whole lot of fun! If you’re a lover of all things aviation
and aerospace, and enjoy sharing your passion
with others, we’d love to have you!

WAI Membership

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So much more than an aviation club!

Get involved in your community and encourage women of all ages to be their best in aviation and aerospace. Network with and mentor other WAI members at chapter meetings and chapter outreach events, get to see the impact your chapter makes on a local level, and have a lot of fun! 

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We’re stronger in numbers!

WAI is strong because of the dedication and volunteerism of our members.

Whether you share your passion for aviation locally through chapter activities,
lend a hand at WAI events across the country, donate to WAI, or sponsor scholarships and 
outreach efforts, you help inspire others to reach for their dreams.

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