Tap into the Drone Market

Tap into the Drone Market

(Open to the public)

Saturday, March 16

10-11:30 a.m.

Are you a certified remote drone pilot looking to network with other female drone pilots? Or are you considering entering the fast-growing UAV industry? This session, moderated by Sharon Rossmark, founder and CEO of Women and Drones, will explore all kinds of drone topics with industry experts including Pat Bening, Near Space Corp Tillamook UAS Range safety officer; Michelle Dina, Unmanned Safety Institute UAS director of operations; Dr. Tulinda Larsen, Deseret UAS executive director;  Jillian Switzer, AirMap marketing director and Lindsey Dreiling, Deputy Director of Kansas Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation.



Sharon Rossmark, MBA is the CEO and Founder of Women and Drones, an organization focused on collaborating with community and educational programs to incorporate drones into STEM programming for youth with an emphasis on engaging girls. Sharon is a certified Part 107 Remote Pilot and the co-author of several books introducing young children to drones including Fun with Drones, Drone Girls and the Air Show Adventure, and Drone Girls and The Wonders of Whale Snot.  Sharon is an international speaker, panelist, and facilitator on the topics of drones, board governance, and mentoring.



Pat Bening joined Near Space Corp., a commercial provider specializing in scientific helium balloons capable of high altitude/near space platforms and flight services for government, academic, and commercial customers in 2017. Pat is the Tillamook UAS Test Range Safety Officer, and holds an FAA Private and Part 107 certificates, and a master's degree in aeronautical science, aviation safety from ERAU. Pat's aviation practical work experience includes FAA Flight Service, USFS aviation dispatcher, and Part 135 air medical safety manager. 



Michelle Dina puts people and drones to work. Michelle joined the Unmanned Safety Institute in September 2018 after a 20-year career in business aviation building global air charter marketplaces and providing safety solutions to charter and UAS operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments. As director of operations at USI she works with the commercial UAS industry and academia to bridge the gap between the two, providing industry-relevant curriculum and training to establish career pathways and workforce development programs.


Lindsey Dreiling is the new deputy director of aviation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the state of Kansas driving strategies to grow and support aviation and UAS industries. She joined the Kansas Department of Transportation in 2016 where she served as manager of aviation marketing, chief of UAS policy. With over 15 years immersed in aviation, Lindsey previously was a flight and ground school instructor for Kansas State.



Dr. Tulinda Larsen is executive director, Deseret UAS, a new nonprofit in Utah offering a centralized source of information on Utah UAS, promotion of Utah UAS companies, fostering research and developing UAS/UAM flight test ranges to advance unmanned aerial commercial operations. She is a Part 107 Remote Pilot and a private pilot. The author of The Drone Hobbyist and a Trustworthy Drone Business, Tulinda is also an adjunct professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.



Jillian Switzer is director of marketing at AirMap, the leading global airspace management platform for drones based in Santa Monica, California. Prior to AirMap, Jillian worked at Google in sales for Google Maps in New York. Jillian earned her Bachelor of Science and MBA from Fordham University. She has received her Part 107 sUAS rating, and has over 20 student pilot hours in light sport aircraft, including her cross-country solo.

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