Silent Auction

2021 Silent Auction Donation Form

As the conference gets closer, all WAI members will have the opportunity to view the 2021 auction items and read item details. Bidding starts March 1 at 8 a.m. EST and ends March 12 at 2 p.m. EST.

Why go on line? The Silent Auction is the single largest fundraiser for WAI scholarships and educational projects. By allowing all members to bid on items, WAI increases the potential to raise more funds for these important programs to encourage more females to get involved in aviation and aerospace.

How will it work?  Items are listed online here. Members can request to join the auction and view the items. This is a sign-up process. While you’ll be able to view items for months prior to the conference you’ll only be able to bid on the items during a 10-day period just prior to and during the conference.

Will the bidders still be anonymous?  Yes, only the auction coordinators will know who is bidding on what.

As soon as the auction goes live WAI will notify all members, and the auction site will additionally notify members already enrolled. Check back often as new items are added regularly. Items will be shipped to winning bidder after the auction close.  

3 cool things about bidding online:

  1. As a registered bidder you’ll be notified if you’ve been outbid.

  2. Attending a session during the conference or working during the auction ending time. No worries! You can set up an auto bid. You determine how much you want to spend and the program will automatically bid the minimum bid increment for you until your maximum bid has been reached.

  3. Hate it when you get outbid last minute? The bidding for an item will be extended 3 minutes when a bid is received within 3 minutes to closing. There is a maximum 30 minute extension.

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