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Adult books in (aphabetical order)

100 Planes 100 Years: The First Century of Aviation. Winkowski, Fred.
Smithmark Publishers, 1998.

Aerial Vagabond. Owen, Bessie. Liveright Publishing Corporation, 1941.

Airwomen's Work. Taylor, Leonard. Pitman & Sons Press, 1943.

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Amelia My Courageous Sister. Morrissey, Muriel Earhart and Osborne, Carol. Osborne Publisher. 1987.

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Barefoot in the Sky: an Autobiography. Scott, Sheila. Macmillan, 1973.

Beyond the Clouds. Ricks, Chip. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.1979.

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Born to Fly. Bird, Nancy. Angus and Robinson, 1961.

Breakthrough: Women In Aviation. Smith, Elizabeth Simpson. Walker and Company, 1981.

Clipped wings: the rise and fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of
WorldWar II. Merryman, Molly. New York University Press, 1998.

Cows on the Runway. Eddleman, Jo. Sleeping Fox, 1975.

Crossed Currents: Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook. Ebbert, Jean and Marie-Beth Hall. Brassey's
(Maxwell Macmillan Company), 1993.


A Dance With Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II. Noggle, Anne. Texas A & M University
Press, 1994.

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Monthly Press, 2000.

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From Nazi Test Pilot to Hitler's Bunker: The Fantastic Flights of Hanna Reitsch. Piszkiewicz, Dennis. Greenwook Publishing Group, Inc., 1997.

Front Row Center: Inside the Great American Airshow. Hildebrandt, Erik. Cleared Hot Media, 2000

Forgotten Pilots: a Story of the Air Transport Auxiliary, 1939-1945. Curtis, Lattice. Foulis, 1971.

The Fun of It. Earhart, Amelia. Harcourt Brace; 1932 (reprinted Chicago Academy Publishers, 1993).

Girls Can’t Be Pilots: AN Aerobiography. Ringenberg, Margaret. Daedalus Press, 1998.

The Girls Were Up There Too: Australian Women in Aviation. Mann, Shelia. Australian Government Publications Service, 1986.

Go-Around: The Story of Mary Gaffaney. Tracy, Jean Via. Kendall Press, 1979

Golden Wings. King, Alison. Pearson, 1956.

The Happy Bottom Riding Club: The Life and Times of Pancho Barnes. Kessler, Laura.
Random House, 2000. ISBN 037550124X

Harriet Quimby: America's First Lady of the Air. Hall. Ed Y. ed. Honoribus Press, 1993.

Her Mentor Was An Albatross: The Autobiography of Pioneer Pilot Harriet Quimby. Holden,
Henry. Black Hawk Publishing, 1993.

Heroes Without Legacy: American Airwomen, 1912-1944. Jaros, Dean.
University Press of Colorado, 1993.

Heroines of the Sky. Adams, Jean & others. Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1942.

Heroines of the Sky: Women in Aviation. Lauwick, Herve. Frederick Muller Ltd., 1960.

Hovering: The History of the Whirly-Girls: International Women Helicopter Pilots. Holden, Henry.
Black Hawk Publishing, 1994.

How High She Flies: Dorothy Swain Lewis. Cooper, Anne. Aviatrix Publishing, 1999.

I Did It in a Skyhawk. Tenison, Geraldine.Four Sons Press, 1987.

I Live to Fly. Auriol, Jacqueline. Tower Publications, 1971

I Must Fly: Adventures of a Woman Pilot. Scott, Sheila. Hodder and Stoughton. 1968.

I Taught Amelia to Fly. Southern, Neta Snook. Vantage Press, Inc., 1974.

In Defense of a Nation: Servicewomen in World War II. Holm, Jeanne M. Vandamere Press, 1998.

Jackie Cochran: An Autobiography. Cochran, Jacqueline and Brinley, Maryanne Bucknum.
Bantam Books, 1987.

Jacqueline Cochran: America's Fearless Aviator. McGuire, Nina and Sammons, Sandra Tailored
Tours Publications, Inc., 1997.

Jacqueline Cochran: First Lady of Flight. Fisher, Marquita O. Garrard Publishing Co. 1973.

Jean Batten: The Garbo of the Skies. Mackersey, Ian. Macdonald & Co., Ltd, 1990.

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Katherine Stinson: The Flying Schoolgirl. Wingarten, Debra. Eakin Publications, 2000.

Ladybirds: The Untold Story of Women Pilots in America. Holden, Henry.
Black Hawk Publishing Co., 1991.

Ladybirds II: The Continuing Story of Women in Aviation. Holden, Henry.
Black Hawk Publishing Co., 1993.

Ladybirds: Women in Aviation. Jablonski, Edward. Hawthorne Books, 1968.

Last Flight. Earhart, Amelia. Putnam & Sons, 1937, (reprinted Orion Books 1992).

Leaders in Aerospace: The Women. Obee, Fern and Zumwalt, Jule. USAF Civil Air Patrol Pacific Liaison Region, 1979.

Letters From Amelia, 1898-1937. Backus, Jean L. ed. Beacon Press, 1992.

Listen! The Wind. Lindbergh, Anne Morrow. Harcourt Brace & World. 1938.

Little Stinker. Skelton, Betty. Cross Press, 1977.

Lost Star: The Search for Amelia Earhart. Brink, Randall. W.W. Norton, 1994

Love at First Flight. Strohfus, Elizabeth as told to Cheryl J. Young. North Star Press of St. Cloud, 1994.

Mama Bird: Biography of Evelyn Bryan Johnson, a Flight Instructor. Prince, George.Morristown Tennessee Airport, 1993.

My God! It's a Woman. Bird, Nancy. Angus and Robinson, 1990.

Night Witches The Untold Story of Soviet Women in Combat. Myles, Bruce. Presidio, 1981.

North to the Orient. Lindbergh, Anne Morrow. Harcourt Brace & World. 1935

No more words: a journal of my mother, Anne Morrow Lindberg. Lindbergh, Reeve.
Simon & Schuster, 2001.

No Place for A Lady. Render, Shirley. Portage and Main Press, 1993.

On Extended Wings. Ackerman, Dane. Charles Scribner's & Sons. 1987.

On Final Approach: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II. Granger, Byrd Howell. Falconer Publishing Co. 1991.

On the Wing: Jessie Woods and the Flying Aces Air Circus. Cooper, Ann. Black Hawk Publishing Co., 1993.

On Wings To War: Teresa James, Aviator. Churchill, Jan. Sunflower University Press, 1992.

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Pan Am's First Lady: The Diary of Betty Stettinius Trippe. Davies, R.E. 1996.

Pancho: The Biography of Florence Lowe Barnes. Schultz, Barbara Hunter. Little Buttes, 1996.

Pioneer Aviator: The Remarkable Life of Lores Bonney.Gwynn-Jones, Terry. University of Queensland Press 1988.

Pioneer Lady of Flight: Hazel Jane Raines: A Biography in Letters. Hawkins, Regina T. Mercer University Press, 1996.

Powder Puff Derby of 1929. Jessen, Jean Nora. Source Books, 2002.

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Proud to Be: My Life, The Airforce, The Controversy. Flinn, Kelly. Random House, Inc., 1997.


Queen Bess, Daredevil Aviator: The Biography of Bessie Coleman. Rich, Doris. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1993.

Rising Above It: The Autobiography of Edna Gardner Whyte. Whyte, Edna Gardner with Cooper, Ann. Orion Books, 1991.

Second to None: the story of Lloyd & Gladys O’Donnell and the 1929 Women’s Air Derby
Doyle, Lorraine O’Donnell.

Sex Objects in the Sky. Kane, Paula. Follett Publishing Co., 1974

She’s Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator’s Sea Journal. Hirschman, Laura and Hirschman, Dave. Naval Institute Press, 2000.

Sisters in the Sky, Vol. 1: The WAFS. Scharr, Adela Riek. Partice Press, 1986.

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Sisters of the Wind: Voices of Early Women Aviators. Bell, Elizabeth S. Trilogy Books, 1994

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Sky's the Limit. Boase, Wendy. Macmillan. 1979

Slacks and Callouses. Bowman, Constance. Longmans, Green & Co. 1944

Soaring Above Setbacks: The Autobiography of Janet Harmon Bragg (Smithsonian History of Aviation Series). Bragg, Janet Harmon and Kriz, Marjorie M. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996.

Soaring Wings. Putnam, George Palmer. Harcourt, 1939.

Spreading My Wings: Wartime ATA Flying Adventures by One of Britain's Top Women Pilots. Walker, Diana B. MBI Publishing Company, 1994.

The Stars at Noon. Cochran, Jacqueline. Little Brown, and Company, 1954.

Still Missing: Amelia Earhart and the Search for Modern Feminism. Ware, Susan. W.W.Norton & Co., Inc., 1993.

Straight On Till Morning: A Biography of Beryl Markham. Lovell, Mary S. St. Martin's Press, 1987.

Takeoff: The Story of America's First Woman Pilot for a Major Airline. Tiburzi, Bonnie. Crown Publishers, 1984.

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