WAI Dream Air Show

You Are Invited to Women in Aviation International's NON-Air Show

Think of the extra money you'll have by NOT attending our dream air show!
Beat the crowds. Stay cool. Save fuel. Enjoy WAI's NON-air show by contributing to our annual fundraising drive. It's all pretend, of course, but share a fantasy with WAI at our NON-air show.
$25.00   Admits you to WAI's NON-air show. Get your ticket in advance and save time by not waiting in line.
$50.00   Admits you and a friend, gives you free parking and complimentary lunch-as many hot dogs as you can eat!
$100.00   Admits you and a friend, free parking, complimentary lunch and a golf cart to tour the grounds. You'll watch the NON-air show from the cool of an air-conditioned tent while sipping icy lemonade.
$250.00   Free admission, free parking, free food and drinks all day long. In addition, you and your friends will be given gift cards to spend in the exhibits area. No lines, no crowds - just VIP treatment all the way!
$500.00   VIP access all the way! You and your gang of up to ten friends are all admitted to WAI's NON-airshow with VIP passes, golf carts with drivers, special VIP lunch and snacks, and access to real flush toilets and running water.
   Any donation amount helps our programs reach farther and touch more lives. You'll help us enhance Aviation for Women, provide more scholarships, continue our super-successful outreach with Girls in Aviation Day, and ensure a diverse aviation community now and in the future.

  • I want % of my contribution to support WAI Operations.


  • I want % of my contribution to go to WAI's Endowment Fund.


Women in Aviation International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization;

U.S. residents who donate prior to 12/31/2016 may use this donation as a charitable tax deduction for tax year 2016.

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