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LIFT Advanced Pilot Scholarship New 2019

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The scholarship may be used for instrument, commercial, multi-engine, seaplane, tailwheel, or CFI trainingIn addition to WAI requirements you must hold a private pilot certificate, hold at least a third class medical or BasicMed.  Must have one letter of recommendation from someone who has flown with you and be an active member of the LIFT Facebook Page.  Ladies in Flight Training—LIFT is a Facebook page dedicated to the positive encouragement and support of women in all phases of flight training. The scholarship will be awarded to deserving member of the page to assist ladies in earning their wings! All monies will be paid directly to the school or instructor and must be used within one year.  In your essay, address the following questions:  1.  What made you want to fly?  2.  Explain how you have a financial need.  3.  Explain why you feel you should be chosen for this scholarship.  4.  What are your aviation goals?  5.  What have you done to pursue your goals?  6.  Do you have any notable achievements in aviation?  7.  If the scholarship requires travel to a training site, do you have the funds or ability to do so.  8.  How has LIFT helped you to achieve your goals?  9.  How do you plan to help others achieve their goals in aviation?  

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