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Education Sessions

Please note: All times, locations and topics are subject to change

Friday, March 11

Friday sessions sponsored by Lockheed Martin

1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

Unlock Optimal Performance: Health and Fitness Strategies for People on the Go
Presenter: Candice McField
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

Learn how to apply strategies for dining out, conquering workouts while on the road, and implementing the golden rules of sleep for irregular sleepers.

Women in Corporate Aviation Panel
Presenters: Stacy Koltra, Wendy Paver, Paula Kraft, Jackie Hampton, Robin Wactler, Stacy Sheard
Location: Tennessee A

Panelists will discuss their particular career paths, quality of life, mentoring, scholarships, job satisfaction, business aviation in general, and most importantly, corporate aviation as a profession and its necessity in today's economy.

Generational Diversity in the Aviation Workforce
Presenter: Kristy Kiernan
Location: Tennessee B

Does your job involve working above, below, or alongside members of different generations? This interactive session will help you understand the strengths of each generation to maximize your team's performance-in the cockpit, on the ramp, or in the office.

Flight-Plan Your Life Plan
Presenter: Sandra Bachman
Location: Tennessee D

Aviation professionals know a flight plan gives you a solid flight experience. Creating a life plan assures a more rewarding professional experience. Receive a system brief to manage a life plan, monitor and control the life plan, and conduct a life plan debrief. The aviation industry leaves nothing to chance and neither should you. Become the career professional you want to be.

The Story-Keepers: A Creative-Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Presenter: Shirlee Smith Matheson
Location: Lincoln A

What are the criteria for creative nonfiction? How does one combine truth and fiction while retaining honest reporting? In this lively workshop you will learn to prepare outlines and conduct interviews for personal histories, add documented research (primary and secondary), and narrate events in an entertaining style. We will discuss the importance of sharpening one's senses to the people and events that surround us, asking-and eliciting-the right questions in search of precise answers while observing privacy issues, and the art of shaping creative true stories to interest a variety of readers.

Aviation Outreach: The Missing Links
Presenters: Shannon McLoughlin Morrison, Melanie Zeigler Dickman
Location: Lincoln E

Despite our collective best efforts, young women are still hesitant to pursue a career in the aviation industry. How can we continue to increase and promote women in the industry, and set a path to success early in a girl's life? Two programs-Girls in Science and Technology and Career Eagles-hope to help create this path by first analyzing and identifying the missing links in outreach initiatives, and second, finding solutions to close those gaps. As industry professionals, it is left to us to inspire, mentor, and encourage young women by building a path for them to pursue fulfilling aviation careers.

Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Defense
Presenter: Sandrine Rohrer
Location: Jackson B

Femdochi is a method of self-defense that asks good questions before using physical knowledge. Above all, love and respect yourself, take care of you, build your self-esteem, and fight for the respect you deserve. Before asking you if you can fight, ask if you're ready to fight.

Troubleshooting: A Necessary Tool for Every AMT
Presenter: Cindy Rodina
Location: Jackson F

Repairing airplanes isn't always as easy as removing and replacing a component. More complex systems require the technician to look deeper into the system and diagnose the problem. Troubleshooting is a valuable tool to be used by the AMT.

Machado Defensive Flying
Presenter: Rod Machado
Location: Washington B

Learn some of the defensive strategies that have kept pilots from falling victim to aviation's natural predators and enemies. Tom Wolfe's book The Right Stuff portrayed individuals having superior survival skill. The "right stuff," as it is known, is made up of a strategic method of thinking. These thought patterns are presented to help pilots make each flight with confidence and safety. This seminar asks and answers the following questions: Who do you fly for (even if you're not a commercial pilot) and why this is important? What's the most expensive airplane you've ever flown and why should cost never matter to you? When will you make the most important in-flight decisions you'll ever make in an airplane? On the ground? In the air? What is your greatest strength as a person and why this is also your greatest weakness? What's the difference between you (a safe pilot today) and another pilot who bends an airplane on any given day?

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Collegiate Series Workshop
Presenter: Judy Tarver
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

Find out how to develop a career as a pilot. Learn strategies for setting goals, developing the competitive advantage, and approaching your career logically, responsibly, and realistically.

Airline Pilot Panel
Moderator: Becky Howell
Location: Tennessee A

This session will explore the training, flight experiences, and job-related challenges of airline pilots.

Leadership in the Cockpit
Presenter: SSgt Nancy Wright
Location: Jackson C

Military Crew Resource Management

Hot Topics in Aviation Law
Presenter: Alan Farkas
Location: Tennessee B

Learn more about Pilots Bill of Rights 2, third-class medicals, and green smoke

Achieving Wildly Improbable Goals
Presenter: Beth E. Stanton
Location: Tennessee D

For aerobatic pilot Beth Stanton, getting her private pilot certificate was the most difficult and rewarding accomplishment. Motivated by a concern for safety, she sought out additional flight training and inadvertently discovered the challenge and thrill of aerobatic flight. Making huge leaps of faith taught her lessons in perseverance, determination, and overcoming perceived limitations. With enough tenacity and patience and a dose of good humor, the wildly improbable goals you dream of can be achieved.

The Benefits and Process of Becoming an Air Force Reserve Pilot
Presenter: Meaghan Camp
Location: Lincoln A

Have you ever wanted to serve your country, pursue a career in the civilian sector, and receive some of the best flying training available in the world? Find out why flying for the Air Force Reserves is the military's best-kept secret.

Three Keys to Career Mapping
Presenter: Alicia Lopez Floyd
Location: Lincoln E

Gain professional and personal development tools and resources aimed at attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Those interested in enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilities should attend. In addition, this session will provide an understanding of development and networking opportunities, and inspire attendees to accomplish their development goals.

AeroInnovate: Facilitating Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Audra Hoy
Location: Jackson B

AeroInnovate helps aviation and aerospace entrepreneurs bring new technologies to the marketplace. Learn more about what innovations are changing the aviation industry and how to bring your next great idea to fruition.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
Presenter: Vanessa Christie
Location: Jackson F

Both the FAA and NTSB have identified Loss of Control In-Flight (LOCI) as the No. 1 training gap in the aviation industry today. Our educational session will discuss advanced handling characteristics, stalls, spins, basic aerobatics, and unusual attitudes, but more importantly, many of the recent mistakes that we have witnessed by seasoned pilots that will build a picture of common pitfalls and ways to avoid them. LOCI accidents can and will be reduced through dedicated flight academics, dynamic airborne training focused on unusual attitudes, and sound situational awareness in the cockpit.

Building a Plan for Your Career Path in Aviation
Presenters: Jessica Pruss, Rosa Lee Argotsinger
Location: Washington B

Expand your knowledge of the career opportunities available in aviation today. Hear from two talented leaders representing Textron Aviation who have built successful careers out of a passion for aviation. Their experiences span a diverse range of fields, from flight operations to sales and marketing. In aviation there is no limit to where you can take your career.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

ADS-B: What Pilots Need to Know
Presenter: Jessica Koss
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

ADS-B compliancy for pilots and aircraft owners is right around the corner. ADS-B adds to situational awareness with weather and traffic information, but its benefits and limitations are often misunderstood. Enhance your flying by understanding how ADS-B can benefit you, what ADS-B solution best fits your needs, and how the devices can provide you with even more information in the cockpit.

Leadership Lessons From the Top
Moderator: Nancy Nix
Panelists: Lynda Coffman, Ann M. Drake, Alex Marren, Sandra Pineau-Boddison
Location: Tennessee A

In this session, C-level female leaders will share personal stories and lessons learned from their journeys to the top. They will highlight obstacles faced along the way and share strategies aspiring leaders can adopt to advance their own careers.

10 Steps to Financial Success
Presenter: Trysh Olson
Location: Tennessee B

We all measure financial success differently, but all paths require discipline and goals. Learn actionable ways to personal financial control including developing a spending plan, creating objectives, weighing insurance needs, and other tools that will help you get on the road to personal financial success.

Résumés That Speak the Language
Presenter: Amy Kienast
Location: Tennessee D

Your résumé is just one in thousands in a pool of applicants all vying for the same position. How do you get yours in the hands of the recruiter before everyone else? We'll discuss critical parts of an aviation résumé and layout suggestions. A handout will be provided with additional tips. Bring a copy of your résumé to the workshop.

Status of Women Faculty in Four-Year Aviation Higher Education Programs
Presenters: Dr. Rene Herron, Linda Weiland
Location: Lincoln A

The level of women's involvement in aviation higher education has increased in comparison to the findings of four out of five previous studies on this subject and has remained stable. This session will discuss the research done to evaluate the trends in participation by women in postsecondary aviation programs in the United States both at the student and faculty levels.

The Top 25 Pilot Mistakes
Presenter: Gary Reeves
Location: Lincoln E

These are the mistakes that good pilots continue to make on a regular basis. We will hold an open discussion on the three main reasons they happen and how to prevent them.

Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story
Presenter: Karen Perry
Location: Jackson B

No matter life's challenges, Karen Perry always pulls herself up by her high heels and keeps moving forward. The worst moment of her life occurred November 23, 2011, when Karen's three children, Morgan, aged 9; Logan, 8; and Luke, 6; along with their father and two other men, were killed in a flight that lasted only six minutes.

Unmanned Aviation-A Viable Career Path for the Professional Pilot
Presenters: Capt. Vince Donohue, Kyoko Kimura
Location: Jackson F

Unmanned aviation presents an amazing opportunity for professional pilots to tap into this job market for additional income or as an alternative career. We will discuss regulations, qualifications, training, jobs, careers, and pay.

WASP of World War II
Moderator: Kate Landdeck
Panel: Bee Haydu, Dawn Seymour, Florence Shutsy-Reynolds
Location: Washington B

Hear several members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots share their stories in their own words in this unique panel presentation.

Saturday, March 12

Saturday sessions sponsored by American Airlines, American Airlines Federal Credit Union, and Envoy Air Inc.

1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

Human Factors in General Aviation Avionics
Presenters: Heidi Kim, Michelle Beckert
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

Human factors efforts in aviation expanded after World War II. While our aircraft manufacturing skills improved, accident/incident rates did not show comparable improvement. As pilots, we've heard quite a bit about various human factors issues in major airline accidents. Most of us have heard very little about general aviation accidents, despite human factors resulting in approximately 80 percent of all GA fatalities. Many of these accidents can be attributed to mode confusion, automation problems, or other avionics issues that relate to a lack of understanding. We will explore the how and why behind the effects of general aviation human factors avionics issues.

Women Military Aviators in Combat
Moderators: Capt. Barbara Garwood, American Airlines ret. and former USAF pilot; and Capt. Peggy Carnahan, Net Jets and retired Lt. Col. USAF
Panel members: Lt. Col. Alison "Rocky" Thompson, USMC (CH-53, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq); Cmdr. Kerry Smith, USN (F/A-18, F-14, Gulf War); Capt. Eleanor Morgan USAF (C-17, Gulf War); Capt. Rachael Williams USAF (A-10, Afghanistan); Lt. Danielle "Purple" Thiriot USN (F-18, Iraq, Syria)
Location: Tennessee A

Panel members include active duty, reserve and guard female aviators who have served in combat flying fixed wing or helicopter combat missions. Hear their specific experiences and challenges.

What Every Employee Should Know About the FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Presenter: Kathy Yodice
Location: Tennessee B

We will review the FAA's regulatory program to test safety-sensitive employees in the aviation system for drugs and alcohol that could compromise the public's safety and the safety of our skies. We will highlight several legal responsibilities that every employee should know and be able to understand in the present day workplace, from when and why you may have to submit to a test, to how tests are properly conducted, what is required of you, and the consequences of such testing.

Lead With Enthusiasm
Presenter:Dr. Daniel PratherX
Location: Tennessee D

Learn the importance of being passionate and enthusiastic about being a leader. To effectively motivate personnel, a leader must reveal her or his passion for the strategic direction of the firm and the team. Unmotivated employees often see little value in their work and report to a manager who is just as unhappy about being at the firm. This leads to lower morale, increased absences, and lessened productivity. However, by leading with enthusiasm, employees are more likely to "catch" this enthusiasm, see a connection between their work and the strategic direction of the firm, and have higher morale. Rather than a lecture format, the session will encourage audience participation and allow attendees time to interact to discuss ways in which they can lead with enthusiasm.

Maximizing Pension Opportunities
Presenter: Geoff Palenik
Location: Lincoln A

Learn about building a strong financial plan and the importance of retirement planning, as well as how to work toward various financial goals. This session will offer tips for people in every stage of planning.

Great Britain to Australia
Presenter: Tracey Curtis-Taylor
Location: Lincoln E

Learn about pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor's epic 2015 flight in a Boeing Stearman honoring pioneer Amy Johnson's 1930 journey from England to Australia. Tracey flew nearly 13,000 miles to arrive in Sydney in early January 2016.

Surviving the Air Force Application Process
Presenters: Maj. John Kerrigan, Maj. Dawn Hildebrand
Location: Jackson B

Two Air National Guard pilots will share their experiences with researching, applying, and serving in an Air Force unit. There are multiple paths to become an Air Force pilot through the active duty, reserve, or guard components. Advice will be provided to work through the process, including how to find a mentor for help.

Stalls, Spins, and Safety
Presenter: Catherine Cavagnaro
Location: Jackson F

Stalls are feared because pilots know that a spin could be lurking around the corner. This presentation will cover the dynamics of and efficient recovery procedures for spinning aircraft as well as situations that lead to inadvertent spins. Catherine will make the subject come alive with many videos she's personally taken. It's unfortunate that a lack of knowledge of spins can have disastrous results, and misconceptions about spins abound-we will dispel those myths. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions and become part of a lively conversation.

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Therapy Dogs at Airports
Presenter: Debbie Harvey
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

What could be more fun than combining the two things you love most: your dog and aviation? Learn how to become a therapy dog team and how to organize a therapy dog program at your airport. Whether you're a dog/aviation enthusiast with a desire to volunteer or an airport executive considering this unique customer service, this session will answer all your questions.

Women in Naval Aviation Panel
Presenter: Capt. Tamara Graham
Location: Tennessee A

Navy pilots and naval flight officers (NFOs) are important components in an exclusive, world-class group of officers. We will provide firsthand experience about career opportunities as a Navy pilot or NFO and encourage young women to consider naval aviation as a career.

Dorothy Scott: The Lost WASP
Presenter: Sarah Byrn Rickman
Location: Tennessee B

Dorothy Scott, one of Nancy Love's Original WAFS-the first WASP squadron-died in December 1943 while in training to fly pursuit aircraft. She is one of the 38 WASP to lose her life in World War II. Today, the living WASP lovingly celebrate their 38 departed sisters. But Dorothy's real story was lost for 70 years. Finding her wartime letters home changed everything.

Data Hoarding and You
Presenter: Erin Goycochea
Location: Tennessee D

Examine the relationship between data hoarding and a digital footprint. Discover the effect that a large digital footprint has on our business, professional, and personal lives, and examine the factors that contribute to expanding digital footprints, the costs that are incurred, and ways to reduce your digital footprints-all of them. This year we will focus on a methodology for cleaning up our digital landfill.

Wings for Val
Presenter: Allison Cappelaere Righter
Location: Lincoln A

Valerie Cappelaere Delaney achieved her dream of earning her Wings of Gold in February 2012, but then lost her life at the age of 26 when the Navy Prowler jet she was piloting crashed during a training mission in Washington on March 11, 2013. At her funeral, fellow female military aviators from all over the world presented their coveted aviator wings to honor Val's sacrifice and to celebrate the fierce bond of their sisterhood. The Wings for Val are on display at the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, and Valerie's family started a nonprofit foundation to carry on Val's legacy by inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

The ABCs of FAA Enforcement Actions
Presenter: Edward J. Page
Location: Lincoln E

Learn how an FAA enforcement action gets started-with an incident or problem the pilot has had-and how to deal with the FAA, whether to talk to the FAA, what to avoid saying, responding to the FAA's 10-day letter, timely filing a NASA report, and several tips to the pilot for avoiding FAA enforcement actions and minimizing the penalty the FAA might seek to impose.

Aviation Safety Reporting Programs-Legally and Practically Speaking
Presenters: Kathy Yodice, Linda J. Connell
Location: Jackson B

We will review NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting Service and the FAA's Aviation Safety Reporting Program. Learn what brought about the program, where the data goes and how it is used, and how it has helped and how it can help the reporter in an FAA enforcement action.

Demystifying the Interview Process
Presenter: Angie Marshall
Location: Jackson F

An overview of the interview process for pilots including preparing résumés and applications, background checks, job fair prep, interview prep, and military transition advising.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

German Flying Girl: Elly Beinborn
Presenter: Natasha Munch
Location: Ryman Ballroom A

Germany, 1930: From school dropout to internationally acclaimed superstar and multiple world record holder, Elly's story proves that it is worth it to dream big and believe in yourself.

Experience Success on Your Own Terms
Presenters: Corine Kumano, Betty Smith, Juanita Leal, Beverly Ferrell
Location: Tennessee A

Shaping your career and seeking new opportunities to grow within the aviation industry.

Combat Drones: A Pilot's Perspective
Presenters: Lt. Col. Gabrielle Thorp, Col. Julie Tizard
Location: Tennessee B

Hear about initial training, day-to-day flight operations, and real-world mission experience flying the most advanced remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs). Learn more about the sophisticated command and control aspect of military drone flight operations and the future of Air Force RPVs.

Weather Clinic Confidential-Thunderstorm Hazards
Presenter: Mike Cetinich
Location: Tennessee D

With summer flying also comes thunderstorms, and with them comes lightning, hail, strong winds (including updrafts and downdrafts), torrential rains, low visibility, and even tornadoes. We'll help you better understand the environmental conditions required for thunderstorms-the various cloud types and development stages-and show you how to get more from all the thunderstorm forecasting, reporting, and detection tools at your disposal.

Chart Clinic Confidential-Unusual Approaches
Presenter: Emmy Jacobson
Location: Lincoln E

The term "unusual approaches" conjures up images of Aspen, Bozeman, Jackson Hole, and just about every airport in Alaska. But unusual approaches are just as common in places like Baltimore, Boston, and New York. They're everywhere and can turn a standard approach into a head scratcher at the most inopportune time. We'll talk about the terrain, obstacles, and airspace designs that turn standard approaches into the unusual.

Surviving Engine Failures and Fires in Flight
Presenter: Gary Reeves
Location: Jackson B

Learn how you can survive these two worst-case scenarios. This hands-on, entertaining session is based on the real-life experiences of the master instructor and you will leave with valuable tools to help you survive.

The Sky Is Not the Limit With an Aerospace Engineering Degree
Presenter: Jill Meyers
Location: Jackson F

Ever wonder what an aerospace engineer does all day? This session will cover diverse opportunities in the aerospace industry and review what it takes to get this challenging degree.