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Airline Hiring Briefings and Fast Passes

During our 2014 conference in Orlando, we had a larger than normal number of individuals in attendance who were interested specifically in talking with exhibiting companies about career opportunities. This was our second year experiencing a large number of people coming only for this purpose. We initiated a fast pass system with the intent of reducing crowding in the exhibit hall. Unfortunately, this caused people to stand in lines for long periods of time and did not solve the problem. As a result, we have refined our strategy for the 2015 conference.

The following are guidelines for the 2015 Annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Dallas, Texas:

- You must be a current member of Women in Aviation, International and register for the conference to participate.

- Participating airlines will present hiring briefings throughout the three days of the conference to outline their basic application procedures, discuss current positions available (and their requirements), as well as answer any frequently asked questions. These briefings will last 30-40 minutes. The schedule will be available in March online, in the March/April issue of Aviation for Women, and in The Daily onsite.

Hiring Briefing Schedule (73k PDF)

- The fast pass system is streamlined electronic registration process this year. Members that pre-registered to reserve their fast passes, a priority point system was used for distribution of the limited passes. The point system awarded one point for each year of WAI membership, plus two points for early conference registration, and one point for general conference registration.

- Members were notified on January 12, 2015 to register for fast passes preferences by logging into the Members Only section at www.WAI.org. WAI members wishing to participate ranked their top five companies. Members with a full conference registration will be issued passes for their top three choices (as available). Members with one day registrations will be issued passes for their top two choices (as available). Members will be notified of their timeslots via email soon. Physical passes will be included with the conference registration materials picked up onsite.

- The cut-off for choosing advance airline preference was 5:30 pm EST, February 2, 2015.

- Preference timeslots are assigned as of 8:00 am EST, Febuary 12, 2015. - This group will be notified Friday (tomorrow) of their timeslots via email or login to view.

- We will release hundreds of passes left after advance assignment on February 13, 2015 by 3:00 pm EST. (programming is complete) It will be on a first come first serve basis in the WAI Members Only section.

- To know that you are eligible for a first come first serve Fast Pass timeslot, log into WAI Members Only section and you should see 'Fast Pass Preferences' on your side bar. When the timeslot system is activated your sidebar wording 'Fast Pass Preferences' will change to 'Fast Pass Timeslots'.

- We appreciate everyone's help, cooperation and patience.

These are the possible time slots for assigned fast passes:

Thursday 8:30-5:30 with a break for lunch
Friday 10:30-5:30 with a break for lunch
Saturday 10:30-5:00 with a break for lunch
Proposed Fast Pass Schedule (60k PDF)

- Face to face meetings, as scheduled through the fast pass system, will be held in separate rooms outside of the exhibit hall.

- Should a backlog develop, there will be a waiting area designated near the interview rooms where those waiting for their timeslots can be seated. Attendees forming lines in the exhibit hall will be directed to the waiting area.

A list of all companies who will be participating in the fast pass event:

Alaska Airlines - hiring requirements
American Airlines - hiring requirements * American fast passes are for individuals who have already made an application with AA.
Delta Air Lines - hiring requirements
Fed Ex - hiring requirements
Frontier - hiring requirements
JetBlue - hiring requirements
NetJets - hiring requirements
Southwest - hiring requirements
Textron - hiring requirements
United - hiring requirements

Look for more details on this process as they are available on the WAI website and via email. Call 937-839-4647 or email Stephanie Gordon at sgordon@wai.org with any questions. Our goal is to streamline the fast pass process and efficiently and effectively serve the needs of those members wishing to participate while maintaining an enjoyable conference experience for all.