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Education Sessions

Please note: All times, locations and topics are subject to change

Friday, March 6

1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

Navigating Legal Traps
Location: Governors
Presenter: Alan L. Farkas

The presentation will cover responding to FAA inquiries, ramp stops, full enforcement action, civil liability concerns, and tips related to buying and selling aircraft. Audience questions and participation are encouraged.

Imposter Syndrome
Location: Senators
Presenters: Alisoun McCloughen, Dawn Newman, Carrie Pedone

Do you wrestle with feelings of self-doubt? Are you afraid that people will discover that you're not really as capable as they think you are? Do you use self-limiting language? Do you give credit to luck, timing, or others for your accomplishments? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be afflicted with imposter syndrome. Learn how to: become more aware of these behaviors, reframe the conversation in your head and with others, embrace your strengths, and commit to a change that moves you forward. We invite you to engage in activities geared around this phenomenon with other conference attendees. We'll review current research and case studies that will help you develop strategies for becoming one of tomorrow's confident, capable leaders.

How to Fly and Stay Alive!
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Wally Funk

Many pilots have not paid attention to pre-flight planning, their capability, and safety items that arise that can often make the difference between a successful flight and one that endangers their passengers, themselves, and their aircraft. In today's world of high-tech avionics, including GPS, it is imperative to understand that one digit can alter your destination and the outcome of your flight. This session will increase your awareness and understanding of what it takes to be an accident free pilot.

Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle- YOU!
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: L'areal Lipkins

During this eye-opening session, you will learn how empathy and our past experiences drive the way we communicate with other people. You will also discover your dominant communication style and how to adjust to other people's communication style.

Opportunities in Academia
Location: Topaz
Moderator: Elizabeth Bjerke
Panel: Julie Speakes, Leslie Martin, Terra Jorgenson, Peggy Chabrian

In order to educate and train the next generation of aviation professionals, we need experienced and compassionate professors in the classrooms. Learn how to join the ranks of aviation faculty and help shape the future of aviation

Women in Corporate Aviation
Location: Coronado A
Moderator: Brenda Miles
Panel: Gloria Christine, Elizabeth Friedland, Ava Schubat

Panelists will discuss choosing their respective career path, quality of life, mentoring, opportunities, job satisfaction, scholarships, business aviation in general and most importantly, corporate aviation as a profession and necessity in today's economy.

Hot Topics for FAA Medical Certification
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Paula A. Corrigan

Dr. Corrigan will address current hot topics concerning aeromedical certification for aircrew/ATCs. Topics will include recent FAA policy changes to include multiple conditions that no longer require special issuance authorization, medications, keys to FAA medical reporting, and tips for medical exams. This will be an open, interactive forum to answer your questions and help prepare for future medicals.

Becoming an Air Force Reserve Pilot
Location: Coronado C
Presenters: 1st Lt. Meaghan Cosand, Capt. Matt Anger

Learn what the Air Force Reserve does, and what being an Air Force pilot entails.

Pre-Flight Weather
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Mike Cetinich

Pilots at any level will learn and benefit from understanding weather information impacting flight. We will explore how to go about getting the weather information you need to make a go/no-go decision. When planning a trip, or even if your trips are scheduled, how do you evaluate what information to review and determine the most critical information to base your decision? Mike will advise the best way to look at the atmosphere, from the upper levels down to the surface and the key features to review. He'll also share what types of weather information you should evaluate and the best sources for this information. Checking a box for your pre-flight briefing does not ensure your safety, understanding the information in your briefing may help you make a lifesaving decision.

More Than Just Hot Air
Location: Sapphire
Presenters: Patsy M. Buchwald, Nick Donner, Janet Patton

Learn more about the various aspects of hot air ballooning.

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Meeting the Challenges of Rapid Technological Changes
Location: Governors
Presenter: Cheryl Bick

This session will cover examples of how interacting with a broader technological field can help prevent potential product and design failures and also may help troubleshoot existing problems. What can you expect in the near future and how will that affect your career?

Making the Midcareer Transition to Business Aviation
Location: Senators
Moderator: Jo Damato
Panel: Doug Schwartz, Sheryl Barden

A career in business aviation is very desirable for many retiring from the military and ready for civilian flying. Likewise, experienced airline pilots may be considering the transition to a business aviation career for many reasons. This panel of business aviation flight department directors, who are themselves the hiring managers for their departments, will provide an insider's view into the best way for transitioning pilots to make themselves marketable and how they can best make the transition into the business aviation industry. Attendees are encouraged to bring their resumes.

On the Road to Riches
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Trysh Olson

Goals, risk tolerance and cash flow all impact savings and investment choices. Participants in this workshop will learn how to determine how much money to commit to savings, what savings and investment tools are available, how to determine which combination of investments is best suited to their needs.

Flying for a Lifetime
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: Kristine Hartzell

As pilots we pay close attention to our airplanes. We inspect them before every flight. We watch for trends, search out hidden problems, and generally keep a wary eye on things: because, after all, airplanes change. So do people. It may not seem like it, but we're all different pilots than we were five years ago (or even two weeks ago). The changes can be subtle: but do we give them the attention they really deserve? Join us as we take a fun, fast-paced look at that question, and explore different ways you can maintain the same high level of safety over a lifetime of flying. You'll learn: Simple but effective ways to keep your AME happy, Why the “conventional wisdom” about age can lead to trouble, How mood, food, sleep, and other factors influence cockpit decisions, Why “I feel fine” doesn't necessarily mean “I am fine.”

Technology Infrastructure's Role in Aviation
Location: Topaz
Moderator: Susie McMichael
Panel: Trevi Housholder, Elaine Banks, Carol Aragon Smith, Tracy Pratt

Learn more about critical elements of IT infrastructure and how it supports aviation.

Airline Pilot Supply and Pilot Hiring Panel
Location: Coronado A
Moderator: Dr. Becky Lutte
Panel: Kent Lovelace, Scott Vlasek, Nick Brice, Bob Skinner, Antonia Hayes

The airline industry is projected to hire 95,000 pilots in the next 20 years. Major airlines are hiring and many regional carriers are struggling to keep up with hiring needs. To assist in meeting this demand, collegiate programs are offering FAA approved restricted ATP programs and pilot pathway programs. This panel will consist of representatives from universities with restricted ATP and pilot pathway programs and representatives from the airlines. The topics discussed will include pilot supply, hiring trends, and options for pilots pursuing an airline career.

Just Because It's Legal, Doesn't Mean It's Smart
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Sarah Rovner

Explore aeronautical decision making and risk management through the use of scenarios and case studies.

The Importance of FOD Prevention
Location: Coronado C
Presenter: Jane Shelton

Understanding the importance of FOD prevention during aircraft maintenance.

Taxing Through the Tax Code
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Barbara E. Little

The Internal Revenue Code should not just pop up on our radar April 15. This presentation will provide an overview of how individuals are taxed, a system for organizing data year round to make tax filing less onerous, and identify a few key tax provisions that affect aircraft owners and pilots.

Becoming an Effective Leader
Location: Sapphire
Presenter: C. Daniel Prather

Learn more about transitioning from a manager to a leader. Audience participation is encouraged, and attendees will have time to interact and further discuss what they consider to be the qualities of an effective leader.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

ADS-B: What Pilots Should Know
Location: Governors
Presenter: Jessica Koss

ADS-B compliancy for pilots and aircraft owners is right around the corner! ADS-B adds to situational awareness with weather and traffic information, but its benefits and limitations are often misunderstood. Enhance your flying by understanding how ADS-B can benefit you, what ADS-B solution best fits your needs and how those devices can provide you with even more information in the cockpit.

Trailblazers- The Women of The Boeing Company
Location: Senators
Moderator: Geraldine Wilmot
Panel: Patricia Beckman, Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann, Nelda Lee, Betsy Case

Female members of the Boeing aerospace team will discuss what has inspired them.

After the Crash
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Kristine Hartzell

Of the millions of GA flights every year, only a few end with unplanned off-airport landings. But even though the odds of a crash are slim, the potential consequences are harsh: which is why smart pilots prepare and take basic precautions. From route planning and emergency rations to signal mirrors and sat phones, Kristine will take a user-friendly, common sense approach at maximizing your chances of survival and rescue after a crash. We'll talk about: The essential ingredients of a good survival kit, simple but effective ways to help searchers find you, the first steps you should take after a crash, and survival strategies while awaiting rescue.

Winning the Game of Life
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: Wendy Vigo

This presentation will provide attendees with some powerful tips for juggling work and home while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Topics include budgeting, meal planning, managing family chores, business goals and objectives, promoting yourself and maintaining a goal-oriented lifestyle. Attendees will explore a budgeting template in Excel, photos of successful setups at home (i.e. The Whiteboard, the laundry sorting trick, the meal plan, etc.) and will be engaged in two-way conversation about defining success at home and at work.

Learning to Lead
Location: Topaz
Moderator: Christi Dobelli
Panel: Rear Admiral Wendi Carpenter, Captain Kathi Durst, F/O Deborah Hecker, Captain Gloria Hatcher, Captain Dolores Pavletic, Captain Evey Cormican, Captain Sheryl Clarke, Captain Ann Ryan, Captain Lisa Dennis

What we admire in good leaders is their confidence, strength and fortitude of character to do the right thing when challenges arise. But what if your leader wasn't out there? What if your great leader was inside you? Join our panel discussion and find out about 360-degree management and leaning in, and learn about your own leadership skills in the process.

WASP of World War II
Location: Coronado A
Moderator: Kate Landdeck
Panel: WASP

Listen to the WASP tell their own stories of their experiences flying during World War II.

Lassoing Learning
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Veronica T. Cote

Measuring learning outcomes is a new frontier in education and can tap into many creative areas: measuring learning is not simply filling a bubble in a multiple choice test! It is dynamic and interactive like flying itself. By the time student pilots are ready for their practical exam, outcomes are measured using FAA practical test standards for maneuvers. But is this sufficient? Can aviation safety be taught in the same way to instill practical, measurable methods of learning safety concepts? This presentation will engage the attendees on the use of outcomes assessment to more accurately engage students and objectively measure learning outcomes. This methodology can be used for any subject matter and by all teachers.

Should I buy to learn to fly?
Location: Coronado C
Presenter: Scott "Sky" Smith

We'll compare owning your own aircraft to renting while learning to fly, and the advantages of each.

Flight Attendant Careers
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Tim Kirkwood

This presentation will introduce the flight attendant career, the steps and tricks to getting hired, and whether the career is right for you. Includes information on finding the available jobs, the application and interviewing processes, training, a typical workday, relocation, and crash pads. An overview of the differences between commercial, charter and corporate aviation, with a specific focus on the trainings and requirements needed to enter into the Corporate Flight Attendant sector. Attendees will be provided with information on where to find the job postings, how to apply, how to present themselves at the interview, and the resources they need to excel in the career.

Flying Floatplanes
Location: Sapphire
Presenter: Katharine "Kit" Warfield

Are you a pilot who sees a floatplane and thinks, “someday, I'm going to do that?” Flying floatplanes is challenging, beautiful, and most of all, fun! Learn what's involved in earning an ASES rating, and learn about the differences between floatplanes and landplanes. Even if you won't have a chance to fly floatplanes regularly, it will still enhance your piloting skills, and it counts as a BFR, too. Come hear stories about flying adventures that can only happen on the water.

Saturday, March 7

1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

Practical Guidelines to Buying and Owning Aircraft
Location: Governors
Presenter: Scott "Sky" Smith

Before you buy an aircraft, get prepared! Covers pilot requirements, insurance, cost of ownership, ways to save money and more.

Modeling & Simulation in an Evolving Industry
Location: Senators
Panel: Lauren Gramlich, Kristine Kimbrell, Va'Juanna Wilson, Jen Moore

Modeling and simulation has existed for many years: from advanced concept design through training systems and experimentation. In an evolving industry where research and development budgets and industry contracts are reduced, it has become necessary to increase the focus of modeling and simulation to drive down development costs. Collaborative simulation allows the capability needs to be discussed from product concept through design and development and finally to testing and operations. The Boeing Virtual World Capability Centers at Boeing are a unique place where customers come to meet their modeling and simulation needs to discover their capability needs.

Ground School for Life
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Audrey Cole Ricks

Are you in love with aviation and want to overcome challenges in our career path? Audrey will share some of the best performance tools to help you reach your goals!

The WASP During the War
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: Kate Landdeck

This will session will provide a more detailed explanation of who theWASP were and what theydid. What did they actually do during the War? Why were they really needed? How and why did their training change over the war? How were they treated the same and differently from the men?

Women in the Navy
Location: Topaz
Presenter: Barbara "BJ" Lewis

BJ Lewis, Bell Helicopter manager of flight training, will share her experiences as a female naval aviator during an age of transition. BJ was the first female catapult and arresting gear officer in the Navy after they modified the combat exclusion law. She will talk about her experiences in a male-dominated environment: everything from her "welcome package" from ROTC, which included communications to bring her swim trunks and athletic supporter, all the way to the ROTC having to take action to remove urinals outside the decks of aircraft carriers.

Airline Pilot Panel
Location: Coronado A
Moderator: Becky Howell
Panel: Kandy Bernskoetter, Dianna Klein, Ann Ryan, Christi Dobelli

This session will explore the training, flight experiences and job related challenges of airline pilots.

Digital Footprints, Data Hoarding and You!
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Erin Goycochea

We save copies of files to our computers, upload them to our servers, archive them, and email copies to multiple recipients. Then, we save all of our emails. At night while we sleep our information is backed up and reproduced onto additional servers. This backup has copies of all of the data that is on our computers and shares; this also includes our email with copies of data that has both been sent and received. Now, our files are being replicated in the emails of all of the people that we sent copies of our files to, and the pattern repeats. This is common practice in our daily lives, and it is called data hoarding. This session will examine the relationship between data hoarding and a digital footprint. We will discuss the effect that a large digital footprint has on our business, professional, and personal lives. We will examine the factors that contribute to expanding digital footprints, the costs that are incurred, and ways to reduce your digital footprints: all of them.

Leading Across the Generations
Location: Coronado C
Presenter: Jimmy Daniel

Whether you are interviewing for a new job, trying to relate to coworkers, or working with someone whom you've just met, learn key techniques to communicate effectively across generational divides.

Estate Planning for Airplane Owners
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Barbara E. Little

Truth or myth: Estate planning is just for the rich and famous or at least the old and wise. Myth! Through an interactive presentation, we will explore why anyone 18 years or older needs an estate plan, identify the different ways to create a legacy and provide a piece of mind, and apply and address the complicated issues that may arise if we die owning (not in!) an airplane.

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

It's All about Style
Location: Governors
Presenter: Melissa S. Wallace

Learn more about styles and preferences for thinking and communicating with each other. Through interaction with fellow attendees, discover where others are coming from, how they work, communicate, function as a team, and lead under stress.

Financial Planning for Retirement
Location: Senators
Presenter: Geoff Palenik

We can talk about the general concept of building a strong financial plan (focused on retirement but including other goals as well) with tips for people in every stage of planning.

Flying the B-25 Mitchell
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Vera Martinovich

Come hear what it's like to fly the venerable B-25 Mitchell. Vera will discuss some training opportunities for warbird flying and include photos and videos from training flights, B-25 reunions, and air shows.

You can be an Effective Leader
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: Teresa De Mers

Discover practical insights to inspire confidence in your leadership ability. Real world illustrations will resonate with you wherever you are on your leadership journey.

Flying with ForeFlight
Location: Topaz
Presenter: Eric Hake

This presentation digs into how to effectively use ForeFlight Mobile via real-world flight scenarios. Although not a beginners' course, pilots at all iPad and ForeFlight proficiency levels will benefit. The material will particularly appeal to those that have been flying with ForeFlight for a year or more and would like to know how to get the most out of the app. ForeFlight and the iPad continue to change how pilots fly and manage information in the cockpit. This course will show you how to navigate these tools to help you fly safer and improve your decision making.

EFBs: From Paper to Paperless
Location: Coronado A
Moderator: Lucy Young
Panel: Andrea Rinebold, Jenny Beatty, Brian Norris

As check airmen in American Airline's flight training department, we recognize a whole new skill set is necessary for our pilots, both young and old, as electronic flight bags (EFBs) become the mainstay on the flight deck. Many pilots, even those comfortable with personal electronic devices (PEDs), struggle to manage their workflow in the transition from a paper to a paperless flight deck. Familiarity, functionality, and practicality will be the focus of the discussion, which we hope will set attendees on a course to better operating with this new technology so it can be the aid it is designed to be.

Flight to Success
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Karlene K. Petitt

Whether you want to become an airline pilot or achieve success of another kind, we will visit the effectiveness of working through fear, dealing with failure, and learn the capacity of focus and how it can either help or hinder. I will talk about goal setting, time management, commitment, and the power of confidence.

Identifying Business Fraud
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Dennis Raposa

Raise your awareness of the various types of fraud schemes, from corruption to "cooking the books," that you may encounter as a business owner, corporate manager, or government employee.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It
Location: Senators
Presenter: Mervat Sultan

How to motivate women not only in our part of the world, but also worldwide.

UAS Safety and Applications
Location: Cortez A
Presenter: Dyan Gibbens

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), often called drones, enable many benefits. Across the world, UAS have revolutionized many industries like film, agriculture, and energy. UAS enhance situational awareness and enable early action. When properly and safely used, they can reduce risk and increase efficiency. Benefits like enhanced environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance in addition to concerns like technology maturity and first and fourth amendment issues are explored as well. An ongoing concern for pilots, the transition from UAS operations to fully autonomous systems is also discussed.

The Second Set of Eyes
Location: Cortez D
Presenter: Doris Good

Required Inspection Items (RII) have been required for many years under FAR 121.369 and 135.427 to define a separation between maintenance actions and inspection actions. This separation relieves the mechanic of the burden of profitability and places the focus on inspection for safety and airworthiness. Although RII is required for FAR part 121 and 135 aircraft with 10 or more passengers understanding this regulation and implementing the procedures and practices in FAR Part 91 operations reduces the human factors in maintenance that result in catastrophic failure, injury and death. Case studies and human factors will be used to illustrate the procedures.

9/11 Pilot Heather "Lucky" Penny
Location: Topaz
Presenter: Heather "Lucky" Penny

Former Air National Guard F-16 pilot Heather Penney will share her unique 9/11 experience and her reflections on the events of that day and the days, weeks, and months to follow. She'll also share her experience and lessons learned as one of the first and only female fighter pilots in her squadron.

Tablet Technology Awareness
Location: Coronado B
Presenter: Tom Letts

In this session, we will discuss the strengths tablets bring to the flight deck, without getting behind the power curve of the tablet. We will discuss actual scenarios that will help you to stay in a heads up mode. In addition, we will cover tips and tricks to help you navigate tablet technology in the modern flight deck environment.

The Best Aviation Job You Never Heard Of
Location: Coronado C
Presenter: Sharon McGee

This session will cover a brief history and job responsibilities of the airline dispatcher profession. We'll discuss the educational qualifications necessary to become a dispatcher, and benefits of this FAA certification both for pilots and non-pilots. The job prospects for dispatchers now and in the future.

Streaming Your Work with SharePoint 2013
Location: Coronado D
Presenter: Dr. Tim Lewis

An overview of the benefit and application of basic SharePoint function to promote team collaboration, defined processes, and performance measurement.