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Education Sessions

Friday, March 15

(times, room assignments and sessions are subject to change)

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Pathways and Challenges as a Woman Military Aviator

Moderator: Capt Barbara Garwood
Panelists: TBD
Location: Tennessee A

The panelists may be retired, active duty, reserve or guard members with various rank, in different stages of their career and in several branches of the military, working in jobs related to military aviation. Discussion will focus on how these women decided to enter the military and the pathways they chose for their personal happiness, self-actualization and success. They will also be asked how they handled major challenges in what they were trying to achieve.

Savvy Searching in the Digital Age

Presenter: Wendy Vigo
Location: Tennessee B
The goal of this presentation is to provide attendees with some powerful tips and tricks for finding the information they need in today's digital age. Search topics and demos will be aviation-centric and will include instructions on finding pictures, documents, books, flights, and more. Handouts will be provided for attendees illustrating each search technique.

What's In It For Me (WIFM) - What's In It For Them (WIFT)

Presenters: Gail Coleman, Peggy Gotsch
Location: Tennessee C
When opportunity knocks are you ready for it? What is your response to change? In a diverse workforce of people understanding the principles of WIFM and WIFT will help accept change successfully.

Investing Basics

Presenter: Tiffany Kirk
Location: Tennessee D
Are you aware of what your investing options are? Learn the basics about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and how real estate and collectibles can serve as investment vehicles.

Inspirational Women in Aviation and Aerospace History

Presenter: Suzie Dills
Location: Jackson B
Our presentation will include not only the inspirational stories of early and present day aviators but the amazing accomplishments of women such as the Curtiss-Wright Cadets, FAA Master Mechanics, Aeronautic Engineers and Astronauts.

Putting University Programs into High Schools

Presenters: Karen Candiani, Gail H Cullum
Location: Jackson D
This presentation will address the national STEM crisis in education. We will focus on how to draw more students into STEM/Aerospace studies and careers starting in high school including giving students a vision, the path and a business plan on how to achieve their vision.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators

Presenter: Elissa Lines
Location: Jackson F
As an aviation community it is our duty to inspire the next generation of aviators. As female aviators we are a dynamic group with many common passions. Is there a young man or women you want to introduce to aviation? We'll talk about programs including mentoring, outreach, and the impact of special programming to help you reach out and ways we can all inspire and engage young people.

Staging Your Career for Success in the Aerospace World

Moderator: Moderator
Panelists: Leanne Caret, Joy Bryant, Dr Fariba Alamdari
Location: Washington B

We will discuss the myriad of careers available in the aerospace industry, the unique skills critical to success in these career fields, how to navigate successfully in both domestic and international markets and lessons learned from women who entered the aerospace industry in a variety of ways and made it to the top. These panelists represent the commercial, military, space, and advanced technology sections of aerospace.

How Do You Show Up?

Presenter: Pam Williams, Julie McAlpin
Location: Lincoln E
This session is an overview of social intelligence and personal branding. This session will give you tools and tips for showing up properly and leaving a positive lasting impression.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Navigating the Aerospace Labryinth

Moderator: Dr Cynthia L Campbell
Panelists: Teresa Anderson, Aurelina Prado, Deborah Morales, Angela Taylor
Location: Tennessee A

Setting the stage for success is predicated on knowing the layout of the stage. We will discuss the labyrinth and how to navigate the paths for the successful career in aerospace.

Hot Topics for FAA Medical Certification

Presenter: Paula Corrigan
Location: Tennessee B
Dr. Corrigan will address current hot topics concerning aeromedical certification for aircrew/ATCs. Topics will include update on the proposal for third class medical exemption, MedXPress, Pilot Bill of Rights and Special Issuance updates. This will be an open, interactive forum to answer your questions and help prepare for future medicals.

Managing in a Virtual Work Environment

Moderator: Stephaney Martin
Panelists: Stephanie O'Malley, Leanne Caret, Patricia French
Location: Tennessee C

Virtual work is increasingly becoming the norm. Most report increased job satisfaction, work life balance and overall employee engagement. Benefits include cost savings and increased productivity. One growing concern is whether managers are keeping pace with effectively leading their teams when most are working remotely or when the manager is telecommuting. This session will discuss the results of a survey to be conducted on a random sampling of virtual and non-virtual managers to assess their perceptions on the impact of remotely working direct reporting employees on their ability to effectively manage work teams.

Investing Basics and Beyond

Presenter: Wendy Miletech
Location: Tennessee D
Are you aware of what your investing options are? Begin by exploring the basic descriptions of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and collectible investments. We'll reach further to examine where savers should turn when given the volatility in equity markets and low yields that are currently offered by many traditional income oriented investments like CD's and money market accounts.

Making the Transition to Helicopter Pilot or Mechanic- From Fixed Wing, Military or Novice

Presenter: Matt Zuccaro
Location: Jackson B
Learn from an expert in this field who has had firsthand experience in all of these areas. With the demand for more helicopter pilots and mechanics on the rise, hear what it will take to enter this field and how to shift from fixed wing to rotor aircraft.

Aircraft Dispatcher Opportunities

Presenter: Danny Mortensen
Location: Jackson D
Presentation will include "How to Beat the Job Competition", tips on the airline interview; and current job opportunities. Also includes instruction on cover letters and resumes, interview questions, and successful secrets of a professional dispatcher.

Beginning an Aviation Explorer Post

Presenter: Dr Diane Thornton
Location: Jackson F
Find out how to begin an Aviation Explorer Post in your community. Organizing an Explorer Post is simple. The Exploring office staff provides training to adult leaders in working with teenagers, the methods of Exploring, program development, and open house planning.

More than Pilots and Flight Attendants-More Great Aviation Careers You Can Pursue

Moderator: Benet Wilson
Panelists: Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander, Elizabeth Lund, Gail Grimmet, Angela Gittens
Location: Washington B

This workshop will feature panelists who have careers in different parts of aviation including airlines, corporate/general, airports, safety, mechanics, security and more. The panel will feature women I've written about and met in my own aviation career.

Safety Management Systems, ICAO Standards and IS-BAO Registration

Moderator: Jennifer Storm
Panelists: Sonnie Bates, Cassandra Shelby
Location: Lincoln E

Bring safety and efficiency improvements, insurance benefits and industry recognition to your flight operation. Get practical guidance on implementing an SMS, meeting ICAO standards and achieving IS-BAO registration.

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Beyond the Runway - Why General Aviation Means Business

Presenter: Paula Raeburn
Location: Tennessee A
Learn ways to develop an aviation advocacy program in your community. Explain the importance of GA in everyone's life and the positive impact both socially and economically to the community.

Common Barriers for Effective Communication in the Aviation Industry

Presenter: Mary Eisenstein, Sally Lukas
Location: Tennessee B
Communication is the exchange of information and ideas from one person to another; it involves a sender and a receiver. EFFECTIVE communication takes place only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended. Effective communication in the aviation industry is a critical safety concern. The objective of this workshop is to have participants leave with the tools for effective communication as well as identifying those barriers to communication unique to the aviation industry.

Flying the World's Fastest Airplane ~ SR-71 Blackbird

Presenters: Brian Shul, Walter Watson
Location: Tennessee C
This session is a very inspirational yet comical story of their experiences flying the Blackbird.

Airline Pilot Panel

Moderator: Becky Howell
Panelists: Linda Berlin, Rebecca "Becky" Hempel, Kerri Ballard, Julie Tizard
Location: Tennessee D

This session will explore the training, flight experiences and job related challenges of airline pilots.

Maintenance Certificates Support Your Success

Presenter: Denise Waters
Location: Jackson B
Technical certificates for mechanics, inspectors and engineers, working on everything from Light Sport Aircraft to Space Shuttles, coupled with experience, can provide the fuel to take your career to places you never dreamed of. How do you achieve and maintain these certificates?

Top 10 Aviation Insurance Myths

Presenter: Marci Veronie
Location: Jackson D
Discover the most pervasive myths that often keep pilots from getting the right coverage for their GA Aircraft and Flying activities. You'll learn to separate fact from fiction regarding insuring your aircraft for the right value, the "hidden treasure" of liability coverage, and the risks of flying an aircraft that you don't own.

Safety Heritage in Airplane Interior Design

Presenter: Carrie Shiu
Location: Jackson F
This presentation will examine how airplane accidents happen and the probable causes for hard-learned lessons. In addition, we will review some of the more significant research on airplane accidents and their impact forces on the human body. From there we will see how industry implements design principles into modern day commercial airplanes to enhance the safety of the passengers.

Corporate Aviation - The Stage for Your Success

Moderator: Anna Hern
Panelists: Mary Miller, Gloria Christine, Mary Ann Morosky, Heidi Udwary
Location: Washington B

Panelists will discuss choosing the appropriate career path, quality of life, mentoring, opportunities, job satisfaction, scholarships, and business aviation in general and most importantly…Corporate aviation as a profession and its necessity to today's economy.

NASA’s Space Launch System for a New Day of Discovery

Presenters: Sheryl Kittredge, Sharon Cobb, Kimberly Robinson
Location: Lincoln E
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is designing and developing America’s most capable launch vehicle to support high-priority human and scientific exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. The Space Launch System (SLS) will lift 70 metric tons on its first flights, slated to begin in 2017. Offering more thrust than the Saturn V Moon rocket, this superior lift capability and associated volume capacity will support game-changing exploration — taking astronauts where no one has been before. On the International Space Station, crewmembers are training for long-duration missions to places such as Mars, where the Curiosity Rover is gathering information that is helping mission planners determine how humans might one day explore the planet thought to be most like Earth. Presented by one of the preeminent leaders of America’s new space transportation system, this briefing will give an overview of plans and progress, with an emphasis on the people across the country who are now engaged in building the most powerful U.S. launch vehicle.

Saturday, March 16

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Piloting the Success of You and Your Company

Presenters: Ashleyalexandra Recchione, Rachel McKlindon
Location: Tennessee A
Obtaining a job takes more than just having prior work experience and technical skills in today's competitive aerospace industry. With leaning out processes to become more efficient, companies can achieve higher margins by investing in a higher caliber of employees. How individuals invest in their personal brand sets them apart from their peers and provides a flight path for their future. Maintaining an updated resume, practicing interview skills, proactively building your network, and continuously developing your technical skills will provide you with a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Reconciling Academia with the "Real World"

Moderator: Gail Rouscher
Panelists: Andrew Csondor, Andrienne Taylor
Location: Tennessee B

Tips and advice on how to deal with the differences of what you are taught in the classroom, versus what you find and experience once on the job. This can range from "how the work is actually accomplished" to how to navigate the political "minefield" you can sometimes encounter and keeping it all positive.

So you think You're Ready to Become a Captain?

Presenter: Sheri M Baxter
Location: Tennessee C
Every First Officer anxiously anticipates the day they will receive that phone call giving them a class date for their Captain Upgrade class. As any seasoned Captain can attest, it takes a lot more than a seniority number or flight hours to prepare you for that upgrade. This session will provide participants - from the student pilot to the First Officer - in preparing for all the responsibilities of that fourth stripe.

Where Did All My Money Go?

Presenter: Dr Sherry Parshley
Location: Tennessee D
The objective of this session is to educate and understand personal spending. Common categories of spending will be discussed such as food, housing, clothing, etc. Participants will learn ways to track their spending and how their household expenditures compare to average spending patterns. Tools will be provided for making wise spending decisions.

Navigating Your Way Using DTC DUAT Service

Presenter: Doug Priestley
Location: Jackson B
Whether it is a short hop to a pancake breakfast or a cross country for business, come get a better understanding of the features and multiple ways to access the FREE FAA certified DUAT service by DTC.

The Aircraft Dispatcher Checkride

Presenter: Danny Mortensen
Location: Jackson D
This presentation covers training requirements and the FAA Oral/Practical exam including the most commonly asked questions (and answers) on the checkride.

Life on the Step: Flying Floatplanes

Presenter: Katharine "Kit" Warfield
Location: Jackson F
Earning an ASES rating takes only about ten hours, and can count as your BFR. You can make it a family vacation in beautiful parts of the US, including Alaska, California, Florida, Maine, Minnesota, or Washington State. Come learn how to spruce up your flying with a float rating.

Consider a Career in Vertical Flight

Moderator: Matt Zuccaro
Panelists: Lindsey Cunningham, Samantha Willenbacher, Stacy Sheard
Location: Washington B

Often aviation is focused almost exclusively on the fixed wing side, while so much of what is considered "mission" flight is done by helicopters. Panelists will present their career path that brought them to vertical flight, discuss the many career options, and answer questions on what it takes to get into this side of aviation.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Capturing the Value of Quality

Presenters: Sharon Bovard, Charlotte Rockford
Location: Tennessee A
Through hands-on participation the audience will learn the importance of LEAN and quality performance. The goal is to continually meet and exceed the demands of an aggressive commercial aircraft market. Education, kitting and a moving line concept all eliminate waste, resulting in first-pass quality.

Dream Takes Flight: Tackling Building or Restoring your Own Airplane

Presenters: Mary Jones, Lisa Turner
Location: Tennessee B
In this session, we will visit with women who have built or restored their own airplane who will provide us with hints about tackling such a project. We'll also review sources of information that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful as an airplane builder or restorer.

Got Checkride-itis? Let's Banish Those Fears

Presenter: Sheri Baxter
Location: Tennessee C
Whether you're a 30-year veteran pilot going through your umpteenth checkride or a new student pilot anticipating your Private Pilot checkride, we all get some degree of "checkride-itis" with a looming examination approaching. This session will both demystify the checkride as well as discuss approaches and methods to calm your nerves.

Networking, What Is It and How To Make It Work For You?

Moderator: Karen Anderson
Panelists: Association of Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM)
Location: Tennessee D

Do you have a successful network and are you making it work for you? Do you know the best social Medias to use, and what to post vs. what not to post?

How Do You Show Up?

Presenters: Pam Williams, Julie McAlpin
Location: Jackson B
This session is an overview of social intelligence and personal branding. This session will give you tools and tips for showing up properly and leaving a positive lasting impression.

What is EAA?

Presenters: Kelly Nelson, Audra Hoy
Location: Jackson D
Come learn what makes Oshkosh the "Mecca of general aviation" and what we do for you the rest of the year!

Deterioration of an Air Transport System: a Case of Indonesia

Presenter: Dessy Aliandrina
Location: Jackson F
The concept of precondition prior to an accident is an important stage in order to understand how an accident occurred. There are ten deficiencies related to enforcement, rules, and knowledge, identified. Additionally, three threats: manipulation, bribery and collusion, will be identified.

Celebrating the WASP!

Moderator: Sarah Rickman
Panelists: WASP
Location: Washington B

A different side of the WASP story! When- and where- each WASP took her training and what she was assigned to do after graduation colored each woman's experience. Hear how the program changed across the 28-months of its existence, giving rise to the variety of stories the women tell today.

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Stop Hiding in the Wings and Start Directing Your Life: Setting the Stage for Mentoring Relationships

Presenters: Lorena Knapp, Stefanie Gates, Torea Rodriguez
Location: Tennessee A
We've all heard about the benefits of mentoring, but how do you find a mentor? Come learn about the various styles of mentoring, including informal mentoring. Learn effective techniques on how to identify and establish that perfect mentoring relationship.

Essential Business Skills

Presenter: Cheryl Bick
Location: Tennessee B
This presentation provides practical tips and some fun reminders of how and why people skills are as important as technical skills. Tap into your own tacit knowledge to deal with daily issues involving coworkers and customers, with essential business skills.

Pilot Shortage - fact or fiction?

Presenter: Kirk Quong Sing
Location: Tennessee C

You have seen the headlines and read stories about the pilot shortage facing the aviation industry over the next 20 years. Join us for an exciting session and learn the facts and numbers facing the industry, who is being impacted, how does this impact training in the US and abroad, what is being done to address the needs and much more. We will talk about these issues, share with you what is going on globally and more importantly get your feedback on the topic.

Recognizing your Opportunities

Moderator: Anna Romer
Panelists: Association of Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM)
Location: Tennessee D

Have you been able to recognize new opportunities as they have presented themselves, or have you missed out on them only to see it after the fact?

The Aerial Adventures of Phoebe Omlie

Presenter: Janann Sherman
Location: Jackson B
Omlie began her career in the early 1920s when aviation was unregulated and open to those daring enough to take it on, male or female. She earned the first commercial pilot's license issued to a woman and became a successful air racer. During the New Deal, she became the first woman to hold an executive position in federal aeronautics.

Attracting Kids to Aviation

Presenter: Dan Kiser
Location: Jackson D
Start an outreach program to attract kids into aviation. It's not hard. We will cover the hurdles a new program will face and how to clear those hurdles. We'll talk about selecting a target audience, developing a marketing plan, building a volunteer base, attracting resources and other key issues.

African American Women in Aviation History

Presenter: Nancy Lawrence
Location: Jackson F
Over the years aviation has had an impact on so many cultures, race, sex and gender. But the biggest impact has been that on African American females. From air traffic controllers, engineers, mechanics and pilots. This session will cover discussions on African American females in aviation history, starting with Bessie Coleman, Willa Brown, and Janet Bragg, then into NASA, Mae Jamison, Stephanie Wilson and others. Further discussion on air traffic controllers, Eleanor Williams, mechanic Deborah Catron and of course the many pilots.

Staying Positive in a Negative World

Moderator: Sharon Riffle
Panelists: Wally Funk, Melanie Jarvi, Vicki Cousineau
Location: Washington B

When the economy of aviation has changed and the way we have come to think of our jobs and industry are no longer the "norm", have you been able to change with it and keep a positive outlook on your future?