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Education Sessions (by topic)

This is only a sample of the planned Educational Opportunities available to those attending the International Women in Aviation Conference. Complete Education Session topics, descriptions, times, and locations will be available in the near future.

Aviation for Youth

Attracting Youth to Aviation
Start Your Own Aviation Explorer Post
Inspiring the Next Generation in Aviation

Careers in Aviation

Aircraft Dispatcher Opportunities
Airline Pilot Career Panel
Corporate Aviation Career: Staging Your Success
Success in the Aerospace World

Aviation Dispatch

The Aircraft Dispatcher Checkride


Capturing the Value of Quality

Flying / Technology

Got Checkride-Itis? Banish Your Fears
Navigating with DTC DUAT Service
Savvy Searching in the Digital Age
Top 10 Aviation Insurance Myths Revealed

Aviation Finance

Where Did the Money Go?
Investing Basics, and Beyond

General Aviation

What is EAA?
Flying Floatplanes
Homebuilding Aircraft
Aviation: Hollywood Style


Consider a Career in Vertical Flight
Transition to Helicopters: Mechanic or Pilot, Military or Civilian

Aviation History

Celebrate the WASP
African American Women in Aviation History
Inspiring Women in Aviation and Aerospace History
On the Shoulders of their Sisters: Women Aero-Engineers in the 21st Century
The Aerial Adventures of Phoebe Omlie
The Most Remarkable Woman Aviator You've Never Heard Of


Hot Topics for FAA Medical Certification


Reconciling Academia with the 'Real World'
Today's Maintenance Alphabet: A&P, Repairman and Beyond


Pathways and Challenges: Women Military Aviators
Designing Effective Aviation English Language Training for International Military Aircrew
SR-71: Flying the World's Fastest Airplane

Personal Development

Essential Business Skills
How Do You Show Up?
Networking, What it is and How to make it Work for You
Recognizing Your Opportunities
Staying Positive in a Negative World
Stop Hiding in the Wings and Start Directing: Mentoring Relationships
What's in it for Me? What's in it for Them?
You and Your Company: Piloting for Success

Aviation Safety

Deterioration of Air Transport Systems: Indonesian Case Study
Safety Heritage in Aircraft Interior Design