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Education Sessions 2012

Friday, March 9

(times, room assignments and sessions are subject to change)

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

History of Women in the Air Show Performer Business

Presenter: Sandi Pierce Browne
Location: Governors

This presentation covers the history of women in the air show business, as well as my unique experiences as an air show pilot who began flying in 1966, before women were airline pilots, regular military pilots or astronauts.

Avionics, What the Industry Is Looking For

Presenters: Sharon Riffle, Raylene Alexander
Location: Sapphire

Prepare yourself for a future career or advancement within your current field. Learn what the industry is looking for in an avionics technician.

Aviation Training Challenges and Solutions

Moderator: Katrina Marks
Panelists: Lisa Ganza, Elaine Bohline, Micki Pawlickie, Kelly Reddoch, Leslie Watkins, Dana Young
Location: Topaz

We are training the future of aviation today. Technology, age, gender - our panel of Flight, Maintenance and Inflight Services instructors offer solutions for teachers and students alike.

Aviation Weather & Forecasts

Presenter: JoAnn Becker
Location: Cortez D

How do TAFS differ from area forecasts? What are the differences between AIRMETS and SIGMETS? This session will discuss the aviation weather forecast products issued by the National Weather Service's Aviation Weather Center.

Women Corporate Aviation - Reaching Tomorrow Today

Moderator: Anna Hern
Panelists: Heidi Udwary, Jennifer Bartram, Diane Gianatassio, Kelly Tuszynski
Location: Cortez A

This Women in Corporate Aviation panel will address professional advancement, quality of life, job satisfaction, mentoring scholarships and varied corporate aviation careers. Panelists will discuss choosing the appropriate career path and most importantly...Corporate aviation as a profession and its necessity to today's economy.

Aviation Medical Dilemma - Should I Give Up My 3rd Class for Sport Pilot Flying?

Presenter: Phillip E Parker, MD, MPH - WAI Aeromedical Advisor
Location: Coronado A

Dr Parker will address current Aeromedical issues and physical standards for aircrew/ATCs. This will be an open, interactive forum to answer your questions and help prepare for future medicals.

Leading Through Change - USAFR

Panel: BGen Muriel R. McCarthey, BGen Jane Rohr, BGen Stayce Harris, BGen Catherine A. Chilton
Location: Coronado B

Each panelist will give an introduction and describe challenges/successes as female General Officers in the Air Force Reserve. They will also address the challenge of leading through some of the changes facing our Air Force today. The panel will open the floor for questions from the audience.

The iPad Revolutionized Flight Deck

Presenter: Torea Rodriguez, Jeffrey Robert "MossY" Moss
Location: Wedgwood

The iPad is revolutionizing the cockpit! Learn the tips, tricks, ah-hah's and gotcha's for the most popular aviation apps on the EFB of choice for General Aviation & Commercial Aviation alike.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Promote General Aviation

Presenters: Mitch Latting, Jolie Lucas
Location: Governors

This fast-paced and lively presentation is sure to inspire ideas, encouragement and motivation, as well as to let others know about the benefits of General Aviation.

Aviation Training Solutions to help You Navigate the Future

Presenter: Julie Filucci, Sr. Manager, Aviation Training Solutions for Jeppesen
Location: Sapphire

Ready to launch your aviation career, but need the foundation knowledge to turn your dreams into reality? Whether you are a new pilot or an experienced pilot ready to take the next step in your career, this session will help you understand your flight training needs and how best to meet them in the current regulatory environment.

Maintenance Jobs in Corporate Aviation

Moderator: Lynette Ashland
Panelists: Anna Romer, Fran Bitter
Location: Topaz

What is available to technicians interested in the corporate world of aviation? Learn what types of jobs are out there and how to get them.

The Best Airplane for You - A Loss Prevention Perspective

Presenters: Marci Veronie, Lauretta Godbey
Location: Cortez D

Being happy with your airplane is a key part of enjoying aviation. And risk management is also an important factor in choosing the right airplane. This session will explore a creative approach to choosing the airplane most appropriate for you from that perspective.

International Organizations and Events

Presenters: Elizabeth Brock, Elizabeth Clark, Betty Huck, Wenyu Fu, Miwa Aoki
Location: Cortez A

Hear a round table discussion among representatives of different women's aviation organizations that are based overseas or are international in scope. Learn about special conferences and events held outside of the United States and how you might participate either by attending or volunteering support.

Make the Most of Mentoring

Presenters: Melissa S Wallace, Jenny Beatty
Location: Coronado A

This workshop will introduce the concepts of protégé-driven and mentor-guided mentoring and provide tools for setting career development goals, receiving feedback, and navigating gender, age, and cultural differences between mentoring partners.

Returning from Deployment

Moderator: Kimberly Corcoran
Panelists: TBD
Location: Coronado B

This panel will address the challenges of returning from deployment to an area of combat operations, with particular focus on those faced by women. The members will focus on techniques and strategies on both a personal and team/unit level. Panel members will represent a cross-section of services, and will all have experience being deployed.

My Crazy Life in the Movies

Presenter: Corkey Fornof
Location: Wedgwood

Meet LoPresti Fury Pilot J.W. "Corkey" Fornof, known for his amazing antics as a stunt, movie and test pilot. Want to know how James Bond does his flying stunts? Ask Corkey. This session will keep you on the edge of your seat. With 17,000-plus hours flying more than 287 different types of aircraft, Corkey has flown on every continent of the world except Antarctica.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm


Presenter: Gail Rouscher
Location: Governors

Understand and knowing how to use aircraft reference materials is critical to aviation technicians. Learn more about how aircraft maintenance manuals are structured by understanding the widely-used numbering scheme that is the industry wide standard for aircraft systems numbers. Understand the Joint Aircraft Systems Code (JASC table, which is a modification of the Air Transport Association (ATA) specifications.

Behind the Scenes of ATC

Presenter: Heather McNevin
Location: Sapphire

Have you ever wondered what a controller actually does? Here's your chance to check it all out. We'll discuss everything from metering and flow programs to radar vs non-radar environments to efficient communications and VFR flight following. We'll also discuss weather avoidance and hypoxia. There's something here for everyone, regardless of if you are a corporate, military, air carrier, or general aviation pilot.

Credit Matters

Presenter: Tiffany Kirk
Location: Topaz

In today's world, credit does indeed matter. In fact, obtaining and using different types of credit instruments is part of almost every American's financial life; however, it is easy to make expensive mistakes that can follow you for a long time. That's why it is a good idea to learn how to borrow wisely from the beginning.

The Breakthrough Process

Presenters: Janet Patton, Rebecca Duggan
Location: Cortez D

We will share simple and effective skills and techniques to assist you in having breakthroughs and epiphanies in both your personal and your professional life.

Flying Paperless with Mobile Technology - How to transition from Paper to Digital Charting

Presenter: Jeff Buhl, Jeppesen Aviation, Sr. Manager – Enterprise Solutions
Location: Cortez A

Presentation will focus on the transition to a paperless cockpit, both with aircraft equipped with standard avionics and those already equipped in a technologically advanced aircraft. Get an overview of the different kinds of EFBs and classes and demonstrate/discuss Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck. Lean how to:

- Understand the FAA regulations pertaining to the use of digital charts
- Select a digital charting solution that best complements your aircraft’s avionics
- Safely make the transition to a paperless environment on the flight deck

Pilot / Controller Pet Peeves

Presenter: Leanne Martin
Location: Coronado A

This presentation is designed to educate pilots and controllers about techniques and methods currently in use that could be changed to help facilitate improved communication skills between the two groups. And we all know, better communication between pilot and controllers makes for a less stressed and more efficient working environment.

Airline Pilot Panel

Moderator: Becky Howell
Panelists: Patricia Tomich, Crystall Korff, Bebe O'Neil
Location: Coronado B

This session will explore the training, flight experiences and job related challenges of airline pilots. Come with your questions and our panelists will do their best to inform you.

Flying the World's Fastest Airplane - SR-71 Blackbird

Presenter: Brian Shul
Location: Wedgwood

Come experience the inspirational, yet disarmingly humorous story of Brian Shul's experiences flying the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest manned airplane ever flown on regular missions.

Saturday, March 10

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

ATC Careers

Presenter: Patricia Gilbert
Location: Governors

Some call air traffic control one of the most stressful jobs in the world. What is it like to be an air traffic controller? What does it take to be an air traffic controller? Ask any air traffic controller and they will tell you that it is the best profession in the world. This session will talk about all of this and what the future holds for the profession.

Women Who Build, Maintain & Restore

Presenters: Denise Waters, Robin Lamar
Location: Sapphire

Network with women who are involved in the process of building, maintaining or restoring airplanes. Share tips and adventures in the "hands-on" process.

The World of Credit Reports

Presenter: Tiffany Kirk
Location: Topaz

Credit reports and credit score influence our lives in many ways. Your history of credit management can affect the cost of the credit you receive, your ability to rent or buy a home, the insurance rates you are offered, and even your future employment opportunities. By understanding the world of credit reports, you can create a positive credit standing that will allow you to achieve your goals quickly and inexpensively.

Commercial Aviation Photography

Presenter: Debbie Hanford
Location: Cortez D

The world of Commercial Aviation Photography is as dynamic as it is diverse consisting of a rare group of highly skilled and specialized photographers. These experts operate both in the air and on the ground, often in remote and sometimes desolate locations, to capture unique photos and footage of commercial aircraft in action. This once restricted domain, only visible to the pilots that bussed at high altitudes through clouds, comes to life through the work of these unique photographers.

Flight Plan: Managing Motherhood and a Flying Career

Moderator: Michelle Hovey
Panelists: Hayley Boshier-Knop, Betsy Donovan, Carrie Giles, Holly Nagie
Location: Cortez A

This panel of professional pilot moms will discuss starting a family, maternity issue, coordination of and alternatives to traditional child care. Come learn about resources for career moms, and networking ideas.

Women in Combat: Challenges/Successes

Panelists: LtCol Jeanine McAnaney, LtCol Leslie S. Hadley, Maj Jennifer A. Cress
Location: Coronado A

Each panelist will give a brief description of their career and deployment challenges/successes as female pilots in the Air Force Reserve. The panel will open the floor for questions from the audience.

The Air Force Thunderbirds have provided a 5 minute video which will be shown during this session featuring Maj Caroline Jensen, Thunderbird #3.

Striking A Balance

Moderator: Barbara Garwood
Panelists: LCDR (Ret) Linda Maloney, LCDR Nora Jacobsen, LtCol Maureen Baillie Rodriquez, LT Brooke Honor Desrochers, AMT1 Jeanette Nowadnick, AMT1 Tiffany VanSicklen
Location: Coronado B

"Striking a Balance" is a panel of military and former military women who will tell their stories about how they managed a military job, family and raising children. The panel is a learning opportunity for conference attendees who want to listen to what strategies panel members followed and how they did it.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

How A&P's can negotiate the FAA

Presenter: Lynette Ashland, FAA Rep
Location: Governors

Whether it's re-certifying your Inspection Authorization or completing paperwork such as 337s, learn techniques for completing work with the FAA quickly and completely.

Light Sport Aviation

Presenter: Richard Michaels
Location: Sapphire

We'll conduct a review of the Light Sport regulations including the certification of aircraft and airmen for the operation of Light-Sport Aircraft. The presentation will include the current status of the Light-Sport rule and the number of pilots and aircraft participating today.

Traits of Superior Pilots: an Insurance Perspective

Presenters: Lauretta Godbey & Marci Veronie
Location: Topaz

In this forum that is based on compiled claims data and loss prevention research you'll learn our findings on why some pilots are less likely to have accidents and what all pilots can learn to be more like them.

Navigating from Within

Presenter: Christina Sestan
Location: Cortez D

How do some people consistently manage to excel, develop and reach their potential, while so many of us get bogged down in uncertainty, confusion and lack of motivation? This session will walk you through a simple 5 step process for shifting 'Inside/Out', helping to discover a sense of satisfaction that comes from a much more reliable place - within.

Employee Involvement Teams and Safety Leadership

Presenters: Gail Beisler, Leah Overbeck
Location: Cortez A

Learn about employee involvement, which gives employees a chance to fix issues that pertain to their work processes. These issues can be safety, processes, or man-power related, or anything else that the team sees as an obstacle to their health, safety, and /or work processes.

Practical Tips for Flying GPS and WAAS Based Approaches

Presenter: Nancy Risso
Location: Coronado A

This session will address and define RNAV (GPS) Approaches including LNAV, LNAC/VNAV, and LPV. Come learn about these instrument approaches from us.

Breaking the Last Glass Ceiling - Women Leaders in Aviation

Moderator: Jenny Beatty
Panelists: Lisa Brockenbrough, Vannakay Hurnevich, Gretchen Jahn, Wendy Morse, Lillian Dukes
Location: Coronado B

Women are widely accepted in nontraditional technical positions in aviation, becoming pilots, mechanics, and engineers, but have yet to be promoted in significant numbers to positions of managerial authority in technical operations or to the executive corner offices of large aviation companies. These high-achieving women leaders will share with attendees their experiences, strategies, and vision for the future.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

F-35 Aerial Photography

Presenter: Liz Kaszynski
Location: Governors

Shooting photography in the "fast jet" world is an exciting job. Catch a glimpse of what's it's like to work with military and civilian test pilots and a major flight test program.

Electric Meter Workshop

Presenter: Denise Waters, AWAM Techs
Location: Sapphire

Come to this "hands-on" technical session to learn how to use an electrical meter.

Tax Topics in Aviation

Presenter: Dr Sherry Parshley
Location: Topaz

This session will begin with an introduction to tax terminology related to filing of tax returns. The main focus of the session will be an overview of tax issues in aviation. Resources to assist those affected by these issues will be presented. Topics to be discussed include per diem rates relevant to flight crews, employee business expenses, state sales and use taxes, federal excise taxes on fuel and business use of a personal aircraft.

Aircraft Systems Integration: A Case Study

Presenter: Gail Baker
Location: Cortez D

Hamilton Sundstrand (HS) has unique expertise at integrating products into systems and subsystems that improve aircraft performance, reliability and efficiency. Come learn how HS leveraged its innovative technology to help create the first more-electric commercial aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner.

Precision Approach...Landing a Career that Counts

Moderator: Cynthia Dawson
Panelists: Patty Taylor, Arnie Kraby, Rocky Calkins, Elizabeth Nelson
Location: Cortez A

In this presentation you can discover ways to enhance your career qualifications. We will take you step-by-step through the entire recruitment process from submitting an initial application to the coveted phone call and job offer. With hundreds of applications on file, we will uncover thoughts and ideas on how to stand out among the crowd, get noticed and make a difference.

Fight or Flight: Antibully Strategies

Presenter: Dr Tweet Coleman
Location: Coronado A

Banish the bully in your life or at least minimize his or her damage to you and yours. You'll learn how to convince the bully (whether it's a boss, mother-in-law, spouse, child, neighbor, co-worker, customer, or stranger) to cease and desist-now!

So Who Are the WASP, Anyway?

Moderator: Sarah Rickman
Panelists: WASP's, TBD
Location: Coronado B

Learn the story of the WASP through a slide presentation that highlights their incredible story. Impressed by the slideshow? Then listen to the assembled panel of WASP relate their personal experiences and answer question about their World War II service.