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'Bring Your Daughter' Day at the Conference

Saturday, March 10
8:30 am–3:30 pm
For girls ages 10-17

$10 per child, free for chaperone. Lunch is included.

Saturday is designated "Bring Your Daughter to the Conference Day" with a day-long program for girls 10 to 17 years old. Designed to introduce girls to the excitement and career opportunities available in aviation, a full day of events is planned, with age-appropriate activities organized for the girls. The activities include learning to read a sectional chart, simulator flying, a scavenger hunt, a junior job fair, arts and crafts projects, as well as meeting and interviewing female pilots and other aviation industry executives.

The girls and their parents/chaperones will participate in these activities in the morning, have a group lunch, and then tour the Exhibit Hall in the afternoon. What a great way to provide your daughter (or niece, granddaughter, friend) a meaningful experience that might impact their lives for years to come.

To register yourself and your child for this event go to https://www.wai.org/eventreg/event_start.cfm?did4=7 or call WAI HQ at 937-839-4647.