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2011 WAI Conference

Education Sessions (by topic)

This is only a sample of the planned Educational Opportunities available to those attending the International Women in Aviation Conference. Complete Education Session topics, descriptions, times, and locations will be available in the near future.


Technical Aviation Careers
Airline Pilot Panel
Corporate Aviation: Inspiring, Enthusing & Innovative
Behind the Scenes: Aviation Caterer
Enlisted Careers in Aviation
Guess How We Got Here–Unique Paths to Exciting
Aviation Careers
Gliding: A Professional Pilot’s Secret Weapon


Hot Aeromedical Issues


ELT Replacement Options
Planning Your Avionics Panel


FAA Enforcement Topics
Inspire Safety through the Safety Management System
The Kings: Risk Management
The Power of Corporate Specific Emergency Training
Human Factors, Aviation Safety from a Systems Perspective
Hot Topics–The FARS, Aircraft Registration and Aircraft Ops


Résumés for Tech Apps
Composite Basics
Corrosion–Find It and Fix It
Electrical Basics–An Intro
Aircraft System Noise
Today’s Rosie the Riveter Expo


Mountain/Canyon Flying Tips
Flying Gliders
Aviation Lessons Learned from Flying Around the World
Challenges: Learn To Fly
Sport Pilot Certificate and Light Sport Airplanes
Air-To-Air Photography
From Cessna to 787–Through the Eyes of a Flight Instructor


Pilot/Controller Communications


How to Place Yourself at the Cutting Edge
Getting an Edge Finding Your Next Job
Professional Pilot Moms: Balancing Work and Home


Money Matters for Today’s Turbulent Economy
Ten Steps to Financial Success
Financial Security for Women
Buy an Airplane: Now!


Medical Evacuation of the Wounded Troops
Transition Your Military Skills to the Civilian Technical Field
Lifesavers: A Panel of US Coast Guard Women Aircrew
Flying the World’s Fastest Airplane–SR-71 Blackbird
A Historical Perspective of Women in Military Aviation


Veterans at Last: The WASP
Women in Aviation History Through Art
The First Ladies of Aviation Around the World
The Pilots of the 1929 Women’s National Air Derby and the Collaborative Spirit
Who ARE the Whirly-Girls?