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2011 WAI Conference

Education Sessions 2011

Friday, February 25

(times, room assignments and sessions are subject to change)

1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

How Did I Get In My Seat? Historical Perspective of Women in Military Aviation

Moderator: Lt Col (ret) Peggy Carnahan, USAF
Panelists: CAPT (ret) Rosemary Mariner, USN, Col (ret) Kelly Hamilton, USAF, Commander Shaun C McAndrew
Location: Tahoe

By addressing the last four decades, presenters will lead the audience through the efforts and events that allow today's military women the ability to serve in the full spectrum of aviation missions.

Planning and Designing Your Avionics Panel

Presenter: Denise Waters
Location: Carson 1

Are you ready to upgrade your panel? Or are you an airplane builder starting new? With all the latest technology available and on the drawing boards, learn some of your options and pitfalls to be aware of when completing your panel. This seminar will cover considerations for both individual instrument and complete panel replacement, or new installations.

Flying World's Fastest Airplane - SR-71 Blackbird

Presenter: Brian Shul
Location: Carson 3
A very inspirational yet comical story of his experiences flying the Blackbird.

The Power of Corporate Specific Emergency Training

Presenter: Susan Friedenberg
Location: Crystal 1

I am quite certain that a pilot given the option to share his cockpit with a non-type rated pilot with no experience on the type aircraft would certainly decline. The same standards in choosing a flight attendant should apply. Any flight attendant who is not properly trained should not be on a corporate aircraft.

Hot Topics in FAA Medical Certification for Pilots & Controllers

Presenter: Dr Phil Parker
Location: Crystal 3

Dr Parker will address current Aero medical issues for aircrew/ATCSs. This will be an open, interactive forum to answer your questions and help prepare for future medicals.

Aircraft System Noise - Tracking Down the Source

Presenter: Marcia Buckingham
Location: N 1

Learn about some of the tools to help track down the source of aircraft system noises. ignition, alternator, other whiners, batteries, spinning part, the radios, digital electronics, wire routing, strobes, and airframe electro-mechanical integrity are all include in this discussion. Handouts include tables which break the possibilities down into easily analyzed pieces that you can go after one at a time.

Light Sport Aircraft

Presenter: Larry Buchanan
Location: N 3

An overview of the original 2004 rule for the certification of aircraft and airmen for the operation of Light-Sport Aircraft to include the current 2010 rule changes. The presentation will include the current status of the rule as it exists today.

Pilot/Controller Communication

Presenters: Bob Tarter, Danny Aguerre
Location: N 6

Discover the most common communication mistakes between pilots and controllers. Discuss solutions to similar sounding call signs, use of non-standard phraseology and sharing critical information. Learn about FAA's Partnership for Safety for all pilots, controllers, and ground personnel.

Now's the Time to Buy an Airplane

Presenter: Sharon Riffle
Location: N 8

With the recent economy have you been inspired to purchase an airplane? Learn what to look for and how to purchase your dream airplane in today's economy. This seminar will include a review of the necessary steps to complete a purchase and pitfalls to watch out for.

2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

Transition Your Military Skills to the Civilian Technical Field

Presenters: Raylene Alexander, Christine Sinagra, Peggy Coppin
Location: Carson 1

This seminar addresses what you need to know for transitioning your military technical skills to the civilian world. Learn what you will need to do now so that you can prepare yourself before your discharge.

Aviation Lessons Learned From Flying Around the World

Presenters: John & Martha King
Location: Carson 3

They were told the world was round, but the Kings discovered it personally when they flew around the world through Russia. They faced a planning and flying challenge where altitudes are in meters, approach altitudes are above field elevation, barometric pressures are in hectopascals, airspeeds are in kilometers per hour, and wind speeds are in meters per second. They will share what they learned about flying in really strange places, and the fascinating ways aviation is the same, yet different.

Women Corporate Aviation - Inspire, Enthusing and Innovative

Moderator: Gay Williams
Panelists: Sue Bandy, Elizabeth Clark, Diane Gianatassio, Judith A Reif
Location: Crystal 1
As related to business aviation will include, but not be limited to; professional advancement, quality of life, balancing professional and personal lives, job satisfaction, mentoring, choosing the right career path, etc.

Behind The Scenes of Aviation Catering

Presenter: Paula Kraft
Location: Crystal 3

Aviation catering is a specialized industry. There are several items that the caterer needs to take into consideration before production begins. Food allergies, Diet restrictions, and Packaging. All the while taking the care that is needed to protect the food from physical, biological, and chemical contamination...Aviation catering is a science.

First Ladies of Aviation Around the World

Presenter: Sue Hughes
Location: N 1

This session will describe the accomplishments of the "Amelia Earhart of…" difference countries around the world such as Australia, Great Britain, Romania, Canada, India, and Germany.

Mountain & Canyon Flying Tips

Presenter: Amy Hoover
Location: N 3

Aircraft operations in mountainous and canyon terrain, especially at high altitudes, present unique problems with regards to pilot and aircraft performance. However, with an understanding of a few basic "rules", mountain and canyon flying can be exciting, challenging, fun and above all, safe.

Resumes for Technical Applications

Presenter: Laura Gordon
Location: N 6

Creating your resume for that technical position desired can be challenging experience. Applying for employment and scholarships in the aviation technical fields is different than for a management or administrative position. Learn what you need to know so that your resume is not on the floor after the first cut.

Human Factors & Aviation Safety From Systems Perspective

Presenter: Rhonda Lyons
Location: N 8

There is a world-wide consensus that human factors have been involved in most aviation accidents. An accident is seldom caused by one element in isolation, but is often caused by failure of interactions among multiple elements in a system such as human operators, hardware, software, procedures, and the environment.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm


Presenter: Sarah Byrn Rickman, WASP
Location: Tahoe

Relive the WASP's GOLDEN moment in time - the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal on March 10, 2010, in Washington D.C.

Technical Aviation Careers - Innovation Ways To Reach Your Goals

Presenters: Raylene Alexander, Anna Romer
Location: Carson 1

This seminar highlights technical careers and the different paths that you can take to get the position you desire. It's not always a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. Sometimes the less known detours give you an innovative way to reach your goals.

How to Place Yourself at the Cutting Edge

Presenters: Boyd Falconer, Denise Harvill
Location: Carson 3

This workshop will present actionable recommendations and describe measurable leadership benchmarks that women aviation leaders (and leaders-to-be) should be aiming to achieve and develop.

Professional Pilot Moms: Balancing Work and Home

Moderator: Michelle Hovey
Panelists: Patty Tomich, Wendy Paver, Deborah Hecker, Norah O'Neill, Gretchen Longridge
Location: Crystal 1

These professional women will talk about different strategies for balancing their work and family roles and highlight how flying for a living can be a great job to have while raising a family.

"Discover Flying!"

Presenter: Julie Boatman Filucci
Location: Crystal 4

Have you considered the life-changing effect that learning to fly can have on you? You can learn a great skill that expands your opportunities, but it also expands your confidence, decision-making, and goal-setting capabilities.

VFR Into IFR - What Were They Thinking?

Presenter: Nadine Yeager
Location: N 1

If superior pilots are those who use good judgment to avoid situations requiring their superior skills, why is it they sometimes get into bad situations like VFR flight into IMC?

Electrical Wiring Basics - An Intro or Refresher

Presenter: Denise Waters
Location: N 3

Take it back to the basics to understand electricity and the role it plays in aviation. Learn the basics of how electricity works or just refresh your understanding of aviation electrical circuits.

Lifesavers: U.S. Coast Guard Women Pilots & Aircrew

Moderator: Lt Taylor J Carlisle
Panelists: TBD
Location: N 6

As members of our smallest military service, this elite corps of women pilots, flight mechanics, and rescue swimmers face some of the most dangerous missions on a daily basis right here at home. Risking their lives to save others 24/7.

Saturday, February 26

1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

Airline Pilot Panel

Moderator: Becky Howell
Panelists: Laura Noel, Mary Poplawski, Patti Hoffman, Kathi Durst
Location: Tahoe

This session will explore the training, flight experiences and job related challenges of airline pilots.

Women in Aviation Thru Art

Presenters: Sharon Rajnus, Ann Cooper
Location: Carson 1

Artwork can illustrate moments in Aviation when no camera was present to document the event. In recreating the moments through art, the viewer can find meaning, detail, and reason for interpreting the event in a meaningful way for oneself.

Financial Security for Women

Presenters: Dawn Neathawk, Barbara Brant
Location: Carson 3

You don't have to be rich to be financially secure, but to become financially secure, you do need to develop a plan and begin implementing it now. We must take responsibility for our own financial security - and this is possible at any income level

More Than Just Flying - Non-Flying Air Force Careers

Moderator: Jackie Fleming
Panelists: TBD
Location: Crystal 1

From maintenance to aerial port to logistics to finance, many cogs have to work together to make the wheel of aviation go round. Stop by and listen to our most senior enlisted non-flyers in the Air Force and hear of the pride they take in their part.

Getting An Edge Finding Your Next Job

Presenter: Chelsea Welch
Location: Crystal 3

Learn the steps to job success.

Money Matters For Today's Turbulent Economy

Presenter: Dr Sherry Parshley
Location: N 1

We will focus on getting back to sound financial practices. Much like the successful outcome of a flight depends on following basic principles, such as using a checklist; financial success depends on following basic processes like creating a budget and establishing goals.

What's New in Commercial Space Transportation?

Presenter: George Nield
Location: N 3

With the retirement of the Space Shuttle and the start of suborbital space tourism, private industry is expected to play a key role in the nation's future space activities.

The Women of the 1929 Derby and the Collaborative Spirit: A Model for Women Today

Presenter: Heather Taylor
Location: N 6

With footage of the first women's national air derby, I will present a glimpse into the distinct personalities of a few of the women in the 1929 air race and their collaborative efforts towards reaching a common goal. The pilots include Amelia Earhart, Louise Thaden, Pancho Barnes, Bobbi Trout and Phoebe Omlie.

From Cessna to 787 - Through the Eyes of A Flight Instructor

Presenter: Lisa Clark
Location: N 8

There is so much excitement and pressure when a new airplane gets delivered to a customer. Language, ATC differences, learning styles, CRM issues, "exotic food:, we see it all.

2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

Aeromedical Evacuation - Return with Honor

Moderator: Jackie Fleming
Air Force Panel: TBD
Location: Tahoe

As long as we have wounded soldiers, the stalwart flight nurses and medical technicians will be there to serve them. Across the Atlantic or Pacific, from the battlefield to the hospital, these heroes treat injured bodies, minds, and souls. Come and learn about this exciting career and how their job isn't finished until their patients have returned with honor.

The Kings on Risk Management

Presenters: John & Martha King
Location: Carson 1

After an aircraft accident and discovering their own sense of vulnerability, John and Martha say they have become "born again pilots". The Kings use humor and stories from real-world cross-country experience to vividly illustrate principles of risk management and pass along practical and insightful tools you will use forever.

Spacial Disorientation

Presenter: Larry Boshers
Location: Carson 3

The briefing on Spacial Disorientation will include the vestibular and visual illusions that may be experienced in flight. Additional, I will discuss preventive measures and recovery procedures.

Composite Basics - Techniques and Inspection

Presenter: Abaris Composite Training Instructor
Location: Crystal 1

Composites have become more prevalent in the aviation structures industry. Learn the basics of composite construction, how these structures are inspected, effects of aging, and what are the important factors to be aware of.

Shouldn't Your Career Soar? Gliding: Professional Pilots Secret

Moderator: Neita Montague
Panelists: Marti Klemm, Laurie Harden
Location: Crystal 3

For all ages who want to learn to fly, who want to continue to earn money in between full-time flying jobs, or who take a break to raise a family can benefit from a little-known but incredibly satisfying branch of flying called "soaring" which takes place at glider ports all across the country and around the world.

Corrosion - Find It and Fix It

Presenter: Marcia Buckingham
Location: N 1

The processes by which corrosion occurs, methods for preventing and some repair techniques will be covered in this seminar. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of proper interpretation of each aircraft's Structural Repair Manual (SRM).

Cloudy Skies, Clear Judgment

Presenter: Susan Parson
Location: N 3

You get a weather briefing - now what? This seminar offers a straightforward "stable approach" to evaluating and applying weather briefing information to a specific flight.

Reading and Flying GPS and WAAS Based Approach Charts

Presenter: Nancy Risso
Location: N 6

This session will address and define RNAV (GPS) Approaches including LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, and LPV.

Inspire Safety in Your Organization Though the Safety Management System (SMS)

Moderator: Ava C N Shubat
Panelists: TBD
Location: N 8

The basics of what SMS is and how it address the organization's role in safety; the components of an SMS and how each component works together as a system; the practically of the SMS, and what are the steps to be certified and what you can expect from the process.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Guess How We Got Here - Unique Paths to Aviation Careers

Moderator: Amy Kienast Linderman
Panelists: Rachel Krumwiede, Elgene Doinidis, Tonya Salatino, Holly Czupich
Location: Tahoe

It is never too late to secure an exciting aviation career…especially one that is not common when thinking of aviation careers. Meet five women who were able to combine their interesting backgrounds, skills, and passion for aviation into a unique career in this industry.

Who Are The Whirly-Girls?

Presenters: Patricia Fields Neubert, Leslie Lindsey
Location: N 2

This presentation will focus on the unique history of the Whirly-Girls, including the founding members and their contributions to flight, as well as current opportunities in the organization, available scholarships, and the role of helicopters in contemporary aviation.

Today's "Rosie The Riveter" Expo

Moderator: Debbie Lackey
Panelists: Bessie Hamilton, Jose Lockett, Oneita Murphy
Location: Carson 3

We'll present an updated session featuring hands-on displays on ergonomics, safety, craftsmanship and lean improvements.

The FAA Enforcement Process

Presenter: Naomi Tsuda
Location: Crystal 1

What happens when the FAA thinks you violated a Federal Aviation Regulation?

Hot Topics - The FARS, Aircraft Registration and Aircraft Operations

Presenter: Michelle Wade
Location: Crystal 3

I will address the procedure outlined by the FAA for re-registration of all US registered aircraft over the next 3 years and the risks and possible problems if an aircraft is not timely re-registered.

"10 Steps to Financial Success"

Presenter: Tiffany Kirk
Location: N 3

From developing a spending plan that works to setting goals to weighing insurance needs, this presentation covers the core concepts necessary to develop and maintain personal financial control.

Air-To-Air Photography

Presenter: Jessica Ambats
Location: N 6

This session will cover the entire process of putting together an air-to-air photo shoot, including: safety aspects, location, setting, pilot briefing, subject aircraft, Photoshop aircraft, and much more.

Veterans At Last: The Women Airforce Service Pilots and Their Fight for Veteran Status

Presenter: Kate Landdeck
Location: N 8

In this presentation I will discuss the WASPs motivations for gaining Veterans status as well as the actions they took and the opposition they faced. The work that they did during this long battle further proves the grit and strength of these incredible women.