Education Sessions 2008

Friday, March 14

Sponsored by BCA Magazine
(times, room assignments and sessions are subject to change)

1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

Corporate Aviation: A Dream Come True
Golden Ballroom
Moderator: Gay Williams
Panelists: Michelle Powell, Sheryl Barden, Lori Edwards, Cheryl Janke, Betty Uhrig, Maggie Lindberg

Women in Corporate Aviation present a panel of corporate aviation professionals representing the varied careers that are available in corporate aviation world including pilot, technician, scheduler/dispatcher, management, attorney, flight technician/attendant, personnel/career counselor. The panelists represent fixed wing, rotary wing, domestic and international operations.

Human Factors in Today's Environment
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Rebecca Armstrong

Have you ever thought about the role attitude plays in communications? Take a journey with Rebecca as she guides you through the familiar scenarios of your normal day. Understand the stumbling blocks and concepts you can take home to make a difference.

Dreaming of Becoming a WAI Presenter? Royal Palm 3, 4 & 5 Madonna Buhr, Nirvana Deck, Sharon Beaiclair

First impressions are everything when preparing presentations. Let's explore ideas for topics and learn the ABC's of writing an enticing abstract. Leveraging the presenters past experiences, we'll take you through the steps of generating ideas, writing abstracts and preparing presentations.

Stars of the Sky, Legends All: Illustrated Histories of Women Aviation Pioneers
Sunrise Room
Ann Cooper, Sharon Rajnus

Author Ann Cooper and Artist Sharon Rajnus relate episodes from the lives of admirable women involved in aviation. Each woman has exceeded her own expectations, demonstrating that persistence leads to achievement. We can learn from their stories.

How to become an Air Traffic Controller
Pacific Salon 3
Tricia Garrambone

Learn the overall process to become a full performance controller. Discover the training phases you would go through. Explore the steps you would take to be successful at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City and then what you can expect at the facility you are assigned.

Aircraft Dispatcher Opportunities
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Danny Mortensen

The airlines are hiring - worldwide shortage of pilots and dispatchers. Learn about a career in airline Operations. Salaries top $100,000/yr with seniority. Details on how to get the dispatcher certificate and how to interview with an airline from Airline Ground Schools, Inc. - We love to teach!

Aviation and the Environment: Problems and Strategic Solutions
Sunset Room
Lourdes Maurice, Renee Martin-Nagle

Environmental issues have become increasingly important both locally and globally. Aviation faces a variety of environmental issues, from local noise pollution and airport runoff to global carbon emissions. This workshop will highlight some of the current problems and discuss possible solutions.

2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

Launch Your Airline Pilot Career
Golden Ballroom
Wayne Phillips

Are you thinking about becoming a career pilot? Wayne Phillips, career advisor and columnist for AOPA Flight Training's new Career Pilot section, tells you what you need to know in order to make informed decisions. Learn the latest on the hiring outlook, training options, job choices, career paths, and lifestyle considerations.

Last Flight Home - Searching for and finding MIA's
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Valerie Thal-Slocum, Jennifer Powers

The stark phrase 'Missing in Action' (MIA) leaves the human spirit room for hope, doubt and question. While it seems the MIA work is in a far remote piece of the world, the real adventure and spirit is in bringing answers to the families of MIAs.

Stretched and Stressed? Pursuing Your Dream Career while raising Great Kids
Royal Palm 3, 4 & 5
Madonna Buhr, Nirvana Deck

Stressed? Overwhelmed? You are not alone! Women have moved into offices and factories of corporate America. We're being stretched in too many ways! This workshop provides strategies for effective time-management and stress coping techniques to achieve a better work-life balance.

Following a Passion - Aviation Photography
Sunrise Room
Bonnie Kratz

Photography is my first passion - aviation my second. At the age of 50 I had the opportunity to follow both passions as a staff photographer with the EAA in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Everyone with an interest in aviation loves a good cover shot or calendar image of an airplane or jet. Being one of the few women air to air photographers, I had the honor of telling the story behind the image. With a brief overview of my journey so far, I present a slide show of my work, touching on the behind the image story from safety briefing to my flight platform, to the resulting image.

Maintaining Your Aircraft
Pacific Salon 3
Denise Waters, Anne Romer, Marcia Buckingham

Join in some serious fun without getting your hands dirty! Learn a few maintenance tips to assist in keeping you and your aircraft safe. Try your hand at troubleshooting the situation. Bring your questions and take home helpful handouts.

What to do when your Straight and Level Flight becomes not so Straight and Level
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Jacquie Warda

Air racing and air show flying have one main thing in common - learning something new!!! Join Jacquie Warda for an in-depth look at the exciting process of learning new ways to fly an airplane! Straight and level or "downsideup" - flying basics are the key!

Capacity Needs in the National Aviation System
Sunset Room
Kate Lang

Investment in airport infrastructure, coupled with air traffic transformation, is critical if the Nation's aviation system is to keep peace with forecasted demand. The FAA will report on which airports have been targeted for future development, and the various strategies needed to meet demand over the next 20 years.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Airline Pilot Panel
Golden Ballroom
Moderator: Becky Howell, SWA
Panelists: Kim Bentler - USAF, Kjirsten Dilitz - CoEx, Lara Greenwood - Alpha Flying, Inc., Karen Ruth - Northwest Airlines

This session will explore the training, flight experiences and job related subjects for airline pilots.

The WAI Aeromedical Advisor Presents a CFI Guide to Keeping Yourself and Your Students in the Sky
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Philip Parker, M.D.

The WAI Aeromedical Advisor, Dr. Phillip E. Parker, MD, MPH of Virtual Flight Surgeons Inc,. Will discuss tips and commonly encountered pitfalls in aeromedical certification especially as they apply in the training environment. This open forum will encourage questions from the audience and will address many factors contributing to the mystery of the aeromedical certification process, identify some of the more common mistakes, and present some of the resources available.

Ergonomics Today - Your Future Employment Opportunities
Royal Palm 3, 4 & 5
JoAnn Ames, Ann Pinsky, Myrna Goddard

Achy back, blurry eyes, pain that won't go away? Before heading to the doctor, convinced you have the latest strain of flu, consider the environment around you to determine if it may play a factor. This session will educate individuals in the proper use of their body on the job, at home and during leisure time, provide an overview for beginning you personal understanding of how your body reacts to the forces around us, and discuss our individual choices such as poor posture, repetitive movement, and reaching beyond our center of control. All of these actions can and do affect future employment and life styles. Discussion will emphasize how ergonomics affects the office worker, engineer, pilot, mechanic, and machinist.

Ask ATC: Everything You Wanted to Know about ATC but did not have time to ask!
Sunrise Room
Bob Jones, Tricia Garrambone

In this seminar, you will have an opportunity to talk with a terminal and an en route air traffic controller without having to fly the aircraft at the same time. As we all know, the frequency may not always be the best venue for asking a question.

Flying for her Country: The American and Soviet Women Military Pilots of WWII
Pacific Salon 3
Amy Goodpaster Strebe

The world's first women military pilots from the U.S. and USSR who flew in WWII. Patriotic with a mutual love of aviation, the WASP and Soviet airwomen faced similar challenges and dangers while flying for their countries during World War II.

How do I Protect Myself from Litigation?
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Alan Farkas, Suzanne Massel

Engaging in aviation professionally and recreationally increases your likelihood to be exposed to litigation. Fortunately, however, there are steps that you can take to both discourage others from bringing suit against you and to protect your assets in the event litigation takes place.

Is Avionics Technician for Me?
Sunset Room
Raylene Alexander, Sharon Riffle

Let Sharon and Raylene guide you along the paths to the rewarding career of Avionics Technician. Learn what it takes to achieve goals and advance successfully in an area of technology that is attracting more women.

Saturday, March 15

Sponsored by Hawker/Beechcraft
(times, room assignments and sessions are subject to change)

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm

FAA Careers Panel
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Moderator: Barbara Travers-Wright

Ask that question that you never thought you could! Learn from those who are in top positions across the agency. Listen to and learn from an extraordinarily honest, open, and candid discussion.

Today's Rosier the Riveter Expo
Golden Ballroom
Sharon Beauclair, Debra Lackey, Linda Johnson-Pirtle, Bessie Hamilton, Jose Lockett, Oneita Murphy

This hands-on simulation will demonstrate the basics of sheet metal work. Participants will assemble a small sheet metal airplane using techniques taught to Boeing shop floor workers. Participants will get an overview of the new technology used today in the Boeing assembly factories; an understanding of the role of Today's Rosie the Riveter, as well as, Cost of Quality, Safety, Lean Ergonomic improvements by viewing actual displays.

Commercial Space Transportation
Royal Palm 3,4 & 5
Shelia Helton-Ingram

Private Human Spaceflight: Snake oil or rocket fuel? Offers a look beneath the surface of an industry skeptics dismiss as Flash Gordon fiction. Learn the hard, surprising facts about commercial space, the newest and most inviting form of transportation.

Dreaming of What to Wear to get that New Job or Position?
Sunrise Room
Rebecca Grant, Megan Nicole Watson

Mark Twain once quipped, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society." Have you ever wondered if some people even look in the mirror before leaving the house? We've all had our fashion "don't" moments (we can all use a bit of fashion help on occasion), so come spend time on the lighter side and learn what NOT to wear, from mechanic to office worker. We have some dream tips for you!

Why Fly Inverted? The Benefits of Aerobatic Training
Pacific Salon 3
Vicki Cruse

Aerobatic training benefits general aviation pilots through a better knowledge of the flight envelope. Despite initial reservations, pilots who take aerobatic training often develop a sense of confidence in their flying skills they hadn't previously experienced. The fun of recreational aerobatics and the precision and skill of competition aerobatics will also be discussed.

Buy Your Airpark Home with Your IRA
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Noel Marshall

Build your retirement aviation dream home with tax-free/deferred money that continues to appreciate? Great idea! Better yet, generate rental income that creates tax-deferred, or tax-free wealth until you move in!

Protecting Airports from Incompatible Land Uses
Sunset Room
Stephanie Ward

Do you have a public-use airport in your community or is your community within five miles of another community's airport? If the answer is "YES", then this session is for you. Professional aviation planners will guide you through the turbulent skies of identifying airport incompatible land uses and their potential impact to your local airport an community. You'll gain valuable insight into the impacts that incompatible lad use can have on an airport and how that in turn impacts the economic vitality of you community. You'll walk away with a better understanding of the value of aviation, how compatible land use planning can benefit you local airport and the surrounding community and how to get involved in the process.

2:35 pm - 3:25 pm

Air Refueling - NKAWTG!
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Major Kara Sandifur, Panel Moderator

Come learn about the exciting world of air refueling! Air refueling is an integral part of our nation's peace and war time fighting. Ever wonder how exactly they do that? Veteran aircrew members will discuss their careers and explain life in the "gas station in the sky!"

VLJs - An FAA Perspective
Golden Ballroom
Kim Smith

Very Light Jets are a reality today, with more and more aircraft entering into operation. This presentation will share the latest information from an FAA perspective including a summary of what is being certified and how they are being operated.

The FAA says it has some questions for me: Now What?
Royal Palm 3, 4 & 5
Moderator: Barbara Travers-Wright
Panelists: Alan Farkas, Suzanne Massel, Naomi Tsuda

We will address responding to FAA investigations, the use of NASA safety reports to avoid penalties, potential conflicts with your employer, and what happens in FAA enforcement proceeding and how to protect yourself against FAA enforcement actions.

Mercury 13 Program
Sunrise Room
Wally Funk

Wally will speak on the Mercury 13 tests she was selected for and what she went through. She was the youngest applicant. Thirteen passed out of 25 applicants. Back in the 1960s she was involved in the Lovelace Clinic initial tests to find out about the suitability of women in space flight. Lovelace Clinic tested the Mercury 7 for their flights and in 1963 the Soviet Union launched the first women into space. Sally Ride went up 20 years later. Wally has helped keep the USA program going, and hopes her dream will come true to get up there in the next few years. She has passed 3 phases of training, and trained with the cosmonauts in Star City. She will talk about her experiences and show a clip on her Star City training.

Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of WWII
Pacific Salon 3
Sarah Rickman

Using vintage photographs from her new book - the biography of Nancy Harkness Love - author Sarah Byrn Rickman will present a photo essay of Nancy's life with accompanying narration. Photos cover Love's pre-war, WWII, and post war years.

Resources for Technicians Now & Aviation Tomorrow
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Denise Waters

Understand what's available in today's world to support your choices, education and advancement in aviation technology. Get more familiar with online training opportunities, the benefits of the FAAST Team and more. Then come full circle and see how your actions affect the future of aviation.

Health Maintenance Tips for Aviation Professionals
Sunset Room
Dr. Shirley Phillips

Aviation professionals face many challenges to maintaining their health so that they may achieve optimal performance in their careers. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that those in aviation can maintain or improve their health while executing their duties. This presentation will highlight some proven ways of preventing injury and maintaining optimal health. Specific areas to be addressed by a ATP rated pilot and licensed physical therapist include: preventing back pain on the job and while resting on overnight trips, exercise that can be done in a seated position to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blood clots, ergonomic positioning tips, and self assessment tools to help aviation professionals evaluate their own physical fitness.

3:40 pm - 4:30 pm

Meet the WASP
Pacific Salon 1 & 2
Moderator: Betty Williams
Panelists: TBD

You've heard about it, now experience it for yourself! A panel of WASP will talk about their experiences as Jackie Cochran's recruits during WWII. These women were the ground breakers for the women who are now able to fly in the United States military.

Making Your Technical Dreams a Reality
Golden Ballroom
Moderator: Anna Romer
Panel: Kelly Lousch, Laura Gordon, Lynette Ashland, Marcia Buckingham, Mary Beth Moran, Raylene Alexander, Robin Lamar

Meet some impressive women working in today's variety of technical fields. Just starting out? Closer to the retirement door? Perhaps somewhere in between? Everyone can benefit from their experiences. Ask questions. Make new industry connections that you could only dream of if you weren't attending WAI 2008.

Going from Zero Time to Heavy International
Royal Palm 3, 4 & 5
Sheri Baxter

This session will discuss tangible strategies to not only make successful professional moves happen in you aviation career, but also excel at every step along the way. From zero flight time to flying heavy international in 6 years, this session will assist the new or seasoned pilot of any professional acquire sound career tactics.

BAM! One Step Beyond Training: Conditioning
Sunrise Room
Dan Gryder

It's not necessarily what you know that is going to help you. It's what you don't know about yourself that will kill you. If you are a pilot who is also a human being, you will not want to miss this highly interactive seminar--it applies to you. We will change the way you think about flying. We will show you what REALLY happens when things go wrong. BAM! It's going to happen to you. Are you ready?

Rosies of the North
Pacific Salon 3
Roberta Taylor

This session is about a group of women who participated in the aviation war effort by building fighters, including Hawker Hurricanes and Curtis Helldivers, at the Canadian Car Foundry in northern Ontario. This presentation will be of interest to anyone intrigued by the "highs and lows" and real life stories of women in aviation history.

How to Start a WAI Chapter
Royal Palm 1 & 2
Betty Huck

Are you motivated to start a Women in Aviation, International Chapter in your neck of the woods? Come to this informative session and learn how.

Women and Money: Your Financial Future
Sunset Room
Sherry Parshley

Today, I will give you tips on how to take control of you finances to reduce the anxiety associated with life in aviation. We will discuss specific actions that you can take to help you build and preserve your wealth, such as constructing a budget; using credit wisely and managing your credit score; protecting your assets and your family and saving for retirement.