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2016 Scholarship Guidelines

Submission Requirements

Applicants must be a member of Women in Aviation International by November 2, 2015, and may apply for no more than two scholarships. Internships are not included in the two per member scholarship limit. All application materials can be submitted in the same envelope. These requirements are the minimum for all scholarships unless otherwise indicated. Some scholarships may require additional information; please read the description thoroughly to make sure you meet all requirements.

For each scholarship include three stapled (no folders) complete application sets (one original and two copies) of the following information:

  • official WAI application form available [here]
  • two one-page recommendation letters
  • typed, descriptive 500-word essay
  • professional résumé
  • copies of all aviation and medical certificates and the last three pages of your pilot logbook (if applicable)

Descriptive essay and résumé should address the following:

  • your aviation history and goals
  • what you have done for yourself to achieve your goals
  • where you see yourself in five and 10 years
  • how the scholarship will help you achieve your objective and your present financial need
  • educational scholarships, awards and honors
  • flight or other training/education for which you need assistance; how your previous training was financed
  • educational scholarships, awards, and honors
  • where you would obtain the training and the hourly rate for the instructor, aircraft, and simulators, or other costs, if applying for a cash scholarship
  • demonstrated involvement in aviation activities
  • other applicable information as requested for each specific award/grant/scholarship

International applicants must meet all requirements and, in addition, must include your country's pilot, mechanic, or other requirements and the equivalent copies of certificates, licenses, and medicals.


All scholarships, unless otherwise noted, will be awarded at the 27th annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, March 10-12, 2016.

Scholarship applications must be signed and postmarked by November 16, 2015. Scholarship application materials should be mailed to WAI Scholarships, 3647 State Route 503 South, West Alexandria, OH 45381.

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